What's Your Home Worth?

When Showing Your Home To A Prospective Home Buyer
By Anjana Appanna

Keep these factors in check and there's a good chance your prospective buyer may not turn his/her back on your house.

That first glimpse (Exteriors) - Don't forget your buyer is probably going to make your house his/her home. So make sure that the exteriors of your house, if not top notch, are well maintained and appeal to the eye. Take care that the yard is well kept, garden equipment stowed away, and the paint on your walls and door is not fading away. Ensure that everything is in its place and nothing looks shabby. Let that first glimpse create a good impression in your buyer's mind.

Odor - Best not to have your buyer crinkle his/her nose when he/she is in your house. Cigarettes, pets or any other source that may emit any disagreeable odor should be kept away. Likewise an aromatic atmosphere is also ill advised. Just keep it neutral. Open out the windows and air out your house to keep it clean and fresh.

Pets - Maybe the apple of your eye but not everyone may react the same way to animals. Some may get irritated or maybe are just plain scared of them. So keep them away when a prospective buyer is in the house. They don't need to be distracted by anything that is not going to be sold along with the house.

Bathrooms - Keep them sparkling. Fresh towels are out, the shower curtain is not dirty or ripping, no chipped tiles or stains in sight. And importantly, no odors please.

Gloomy rooms - When you're making a new start, you like to see it all bright and cheery. See that your house reflects this quality to your prospective buyer. Make sure all your lights are cleaned and working; also put in additional light fittings, if necessary. Open out the drapes and let the light shine in when your buyer is in the house.

Basement - It tends to create a dim atmosphere. Ensure that there is no dampness or damp smell here that will compliment the dimness. It may give the impression that the basement leaks even if actually doesn't. But if there are leaks, fix them and get rid of any other cause of that dampness- whether its rainwater or some blockage in the underground drains.

Don't tag along to every nook and corner - Your buyer needs to feel comfortable enough to explore the house in his/her own time and manner. Keep your family members out of the house while the buyer is there and you yourself maintain a safe distance from them. Don't disappear entirely, just be close enough to answer any questions.


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