About Us

ChoiceofHomes.com was launched in December 2004 to cater to real estate marketing needs. We started with the aim of providing a platform where home owners, buyers, renters and real estate agents could connect. We are proud to state that today we are among the leading sites that cater to the American Real Estate market.

At a reasonable price, we offer our members with web pages where they can upload information and pictures of their homes for sale or rent. Over a thousand people visit our site daily and many have found what they were looking for right here. We provide simple and effective advertising solutions to our customers.

Our role is simple. We present you with the platform to advertise where thousands of people are probably looking for a home just like yours. We are not associated with any agency and do not participate in the transactions between sellers and buyers, hence do not benefit in the manner of commissions. We are here exclusively to market your property such that it reaches the people best suited for it.

With the support of our customers we have come very far and we will continue to provide the best services for their benefit.



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