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  • Obtaining a Mortgage for a Vacation Home

    Getting a mortgage may not be tough but try getting one for a vacation home. The terms and rates are a lot harder but there are certain options open to you if you really want to buy that drea...

  • Spot the Predatory Lender before He Traps You!

    Predators in the finance world could drain your money even before you realize it. Learn how to spot a predatory lender or broker before you get caught in a sticky complicated web of deception...

  • Option Mortgage: What, How and Is it for You?

    A payment option mortgage gives the borrower the freedom to pick any of the choices available while making monthly payments. If this mortgage is not handled responsibly, the borrower may as w...

  • Title Insurance for Peace of Mind

    Title Insurance protects you/ lender from any financial losses arising from dispute over the title of the property. It is a small price to pay if you can prevent others from claiming your pro...

  • Discount Points: To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Most people are unsure of how points actually work and if they benefit them at all. It all depends on your situation and how long you intend to keep your loan....

  • Repairing a Bad Credit Score

    A poor credit score will haunt you in various situations and hence it becomes crucial to fix it. There are no quick fix methods but a practical path that can help you repair that credit score...

  • A Bridging Loan Can Save the Day

    You want to purchase another property immediately but your old home may not sell on time. Instead of letting go of a good opportunity consider a bridging loan to see you through a deal succes...



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