What's Your Home Worth?

What You Can Do To Sell Your Home Fast
By Sameer S Panjwani

Yes, you want to sell your home and you want to sell it fast. It may be a seller’s market and every other home in your neighbourhood is selling and you think it’s going to be a cakewalk selling your home. You put your house up for sale, people come, a few offers pour in, negotiations take place and then something happens that the deal falls through! This happens more often than not when it comes to selling homes.

The critical stage in the home selling process is when someone’s given you an offer and when the negotiation starts. First things first, when you get an offer, which in your opinion is ridiculously low, don’t just reject it outright. In most cases, the buyer’s just testing the waters to see the best price he can get. Always give a counter-offer however disparate your figure may be with the home buyer’s offer. Once that’s done, you want to make sure the deal doesn’t fall through.

There are many ways in which you can close the deal fast and ensure that both you and the home buyer are satisfied. What you can do is use negotiation to your benefit and negotiating with some items, which may be better for you to let go off than reducing the price of your home. Here below are a few examples:

- Include a few items or appliances along with the price of your home, like your alarm system, dishwasher, dressing table, etc. This may also be a good excuse for you to rid yourself of the items you were in any case not very keen on using for yourself.

- Offer a home decorating allowance. This may be particularly applicable if the home buyer likes everything about your home but for the way it's done up.

- Offer a pre-sale inspection and home warranty. A comprehensive home inspection combined with a home warranty reassures buyers that the house is in good condition and that certain repairs will be covered by insurance.

- Offer a lease option where the buyer may rent the property with an option to buy it later on. A percentage of the rent may be set aside as the buyer’s down payment.

- Offer to pay for some of the closing costs such as the prepaid interest charges or the first year’s property taxes.

Feel free to be a little innovative with your negotiation and you may just find yourself with a deal faster than you thought.


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