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Sell Your Home Without An Agent - Sell Your Home Yourself
By Anjana Appanna

It is a well known fact that real estate commissions can work out as an expensive deal. It can cost up to a few thousand dollars with discount brokers, to 6% in commissions with full-service agents. That is a fairly large amount of money for a service that you can very well perform on your own. Selling your home on your own, without an agent is far easier than it is made out to be.

Real estate agencies are important and most home sales are still finalized through them. However, the increased use of the Internet by home seekers has made the selling process less complicated. One of the most popular ways of searching for a home today is to log on to the net. There are several advantages to this method, the first being it's convenience. Another added benefit is that, in contrast to newspaper classifieds, online listings provide more detail and allow for pictures as well. This helps the buyer make a faster decision about the home, saving time for the buyer and the seller.

The first step in this direction is to list your property online. The most important point here is to make sure that your home details are easily accessible. Without the assistance of an agent, the more the number of enquires you get for your home, the better. And the best way to ensure this is by listing in the most popular and frequented websites.

Listing your home online is just the first step. Several other measures need to be taken to further the chances of making a sale. You will need to place the standard 'For Sale' yard sign. Print single page flyers (brochures) with the required details of your home. These can be placed in a box along with the 'For Sale' sign, and can also be distributed to increase prospects. At least one newspaper classified is a must. This could also be used to supplement your online listing. E.g. Details at - Listing Id 123.

Through the process of selling your home yourself, you must remember that is a time consuming task. You will be required to take time off your schedule to show potential buyers around your home at their convenience. With a bit of effort, selling your home on your own will be a very rewarding experience. And as an added bonus you also get to save on the agent's commission.


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