Determining your Home's Selling price

How to increase the Saleable Value of your Home
By Anjana Appanna

We all want the best deals in whatever we are purchasing or selling. While you're selling your house, you want the best price possible for it. You may set your price a little higher leaving room for negotiations but sometimes even after these talks you may not get the price you were hoping for. The buyer's offer just does not match up to your expectations.

Of course there are several ways to ensure that you sell your house for the price you are looking at. The first rule is to impress him. When a buyer walks in to your house, he probably makes up his mind in the first few minutes. Why? Because decisions like buying a house are more often based on emotional responses than logic.

Just take care to create a good impression. You may need to make renovations but only if they are absolutely necessary and will fetch you a better price or improve the chances of a quicker sale. But without spending too much you can still create that good impression by adding value to it. How can you do that? Here are some guidelines.

For the Interiors:

The colors on your walls. Darker shades are generally a no-no. Lighter shades (like white or off-white) will create a bright atmosphere. The other advantage is that they make the rooms look larger and more spacious.

Keep the house clean and tidy. Firstly keep all the clutter away. Secondly clean mirrors, carpets, windows, appliances- just about all surfaces.

If any wall or roof is leaking, get it fixed and painted over to cover the water stains. This renovation is necessary. Any wallpaper which is discolored needs replacing.

Inspect your windows and doors. Loose door knobs, chipped surfaces, squeaky noises etc. needs to be fixed. Same goes for broken switches.

Do not ignore your basement, attic and garage. If not spick and span, at least get them organized.

For the Exteriors:

Mow your lawn regularly; rake the leaves and sweep your sidewalk especially on days when a prospective buyer is coming over. To add more color to the exteriors, you can plant more flowers or put in potted ones. Don't forget your lawn is the first thing your buyer will be viewing.

Paint, polish or clean your main door. Clean the knocker on your door and make sure the doorbell is working properly. Also, investing in a decent doormat is a good idea.

If any window panes are cracked or broken, they must be replaced.

To make your house look new, you can also get it painted but only if it fits your budget and will add definite advantage while selling.

Adding value to your house by grooming it is essential if you want to get a good price and sell it faster. You may have to shell out some money but it will be worth it when you see that you've got the price you've been looking to sell at. So go ahead and spruce up!


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