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What a Buyer/ Seller Looks for in an Agent

By Sadiya Anjum

When buyers/ sellers hire agents they are looking for someone who can show them through the whole process and make the task easier for them. Agents should take time to know exactly what a client wants. This will give them a better idea on how to conduct themselves as well as improve their services. Consumers probably have their own special list of what they are looking for in an agent but here is a general outline of what most want from an agent.

Experience is one of the first things that a client looks for. They prefer an agent who is qualified with appropriate licensing. The agent should be familiar with the market trends, the intricate details of the Real Estate business along with knowledge related to mortgages, closing process etc. Some consumers prefer agents from the area they are looking at; but most want the agent to just know the particular area well.

Consumers are highly interested in the previous jobs that an agent has dealt with Ė the kind of homes, location, overall transaction etc. They will ask for references and will most likely follow up on them too. They like to see agents who exhibit professionalism and are confident of themselves. They need to know that this agent will hold ground when it comes down to negotiation.

Apart from skills and experience, consumers take note of personality. Since a home buying or selling process is a sensitive issue and they rarely ever do it, they need someone who they can get along with. The agent should be a good listener who understands the consumerís and his familyís lifestyle, priorities and needs. They also prefer someone who is flexible; someone who is open to suggestions, will adapt and take into account what consumerís have to say.

Integrity, honesty and trustworthiness are again a priority. Agents they believe should be honest with them even if they do not really like what they hear. If the consumer asks a question, they like to hear answers upfront instead of those that beat around the bush. An agent with good communication skills who is approachable is important.

Consumers are very particular when it comes to commitment. They need an agent who will work hard for them, who can be reached at any time during the day and who will respond immediately to their needs and requests. If they are left dealing with an assistant or an answering machine, there is a good chance that they will fire the agent. The agent should have a cell phone, pager, any and all devices that may help them reach him. This is one reason why most consumers would prefer a full time agent than a part time one. They want an agent who works for them instead of them chasing him around.

The bottom line is the agent should be able to produce results and should put effort into his job. While he is at it, he should be polite, approachable and highly reliable. They are basically looking for someone who will value their time and money, and cater to their needs. It may seem like a long list of expectations but they really are just spelt out. In the first few minutes of your interview with a potential client, he/ she will know whether they can work with you or not. If you listen carefully, show them proof of your past successes and what you can do for them now, they will be more than happy to hire you.

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