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Modular Homes can be a Great Option

By Sadiya Anjum

When you are planning to buy a home, you may either buy a modular home or get one built. Modular homes are gaining in popularity because of their money and time saving advantages. They come in various designs and sizes; from contemporary to traditional styles, from a small bachelor home to a multi-storey home the options are varied.

Modular homes are basically separate units of a home which are constructed at a factory and then delivered to the site to be placed on a preset foundation. The great thing about being built at a factory is that it happens in an enclosed area preventing the damage of materials from rain, insects etc. The construction itself is done in an assembly line, hence it is highly organized.

The construction of a modular home begins with a customer choosing from various standard designs offered by the company, or the customer can even have it custom designed with the help of an architect. These units or modules are manufactured with precision and will fit exactly on the site.

There are several advantages to owning a modular home. Quality can be assured and the time for complete construction is also less when compared to stick-built homes. They comply with federal, state and local regulations. They are also developed according to the state and local building requirements; in fact they are inspected officially. Modular homes are usually accepted in most areas and may not have any restrictive covenants related to them.

When it comes to money modular homes are a great option. They may sometimes work out much cheaper than a home built on site. Obtaining financing may also be much easier as lenders are assured of adherence to building regulations. Modular homes hold a great advantage with their resale value. With good quality construction, the home will stand undamaged for a long time.

If you choose to get a modular home make sure that you go to a company with good reputation. Modular homes can offer all these advantages and more if they are manufactured by a good company. Some of these companies may also help with financing. Shop around to find a company that lives up to your standards.

Modular homes can be a great option especially when you want a home built in a couple of weeks. It also allows the customer to either stay involved at every step or even take a backseat and wait for the day he can move in. Consider this option seriously when you are home shopping.

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