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Great Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly!

By Sadiya Anjum

Everyone wants to sell their home quickly but some have the liberty of holding out till their best price is met. For some others this may not be an option in case there are other deadlines to meet or one is on a schedule to relocate to another city. The reason may be anything but you can do several things to sell your home quickly.

If you are in a real hurry then you may consider hiring an agent. Find someone who is capable with a good reputation and experience in selling homes like yours. Working with him you can draw up a plan for the whole process and allocate time frames for each aspect. The pricing of your property is the key in selling your home quickly; discuss your options with the agent. You may also consider offering incentives to the agent if he meets your deadlines.

On the other hand, if you are not in a tearing hurry and selling your home on your own you still have several options. You must have a plan for each step of the selling process. Think it out carefully so you do not waste time later or rush on with hasty decisions. A marketing and advertising plan should be made which creates interest and calls the buyer to take action. Negotiation can get long and drawn out; to avoid this know how much below the asking price you are willing to go.

Know that money is the biggest incentive in business. You offer a good price and the buyers will come. Since you will be saving on the agent’s commission, you can consider offering a discount on the sale price of your home. With a partial compromise you can get a quicker sale since the buyer will know that other similar homes are selling at a higher price; so it is a bargain for him!

You can offer to pay some of the closing costs such as the first year’s property taxes or insurance. A buyer is looking to cut costs as much as possible and you can help do that. Include certain items and appliances in your sale for a reasonable price. A buyer may see this as a good bargain provided all items and appliances are in good condition.

If you are offering a discount price, the buyer should not think that the home has any hidden flaws. So get a home warranty to ease his mind. Besides, a professional home inspection will indicate any defects or problems. If the buyer finds defects later in the process he may consider pulling out or waiting till the repairs are made. Although there are other options available, it is best if your house in good condition right from the start.

Before showing your home to any buyer, make sure you can do every bit to make it sparkle and shine in its best condition. Think of adding a fresh coat of paint (neutral color), clean, shampoo your carpets or hire professionals to the same, remove all clutter to make your home (especially closets) look spacious, clean some more and get rid of any stench in your home. Creating a good impression will help you convert potential buyers into buyers.

If your home is not selling fast enough then consider renting it out. Make sure you inform the renters about planning to sell in the future and to bear with any home showing. You can make it easier on the renters by offering them a discount on their rent and assuring them of ample time before you ask them to move out when you find a buyer. Alternatively you can offer rent with option to buy. This may lend to a quicker sale.

If desperation hits and the home has been on the market for too long, think of the ads which offer ‘houses for cash’. Of course these are not really recommended as the price offered is almost 70% below the market value of the home.

It all comes down to how quickly you want to make the sale. If you have no outside pressures, it is best to be patient and go with the methods mentioned initially. Following even some of the latter suggestions (especially offering discount or other incentives) may help you sell your home soon.

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