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Checklist for your property before new tenants move in

By Sadiya Anjum

Before you rent out your house again or for the first time, you need to make sure that it is in good condition. Leaking roofs, peeling paint, blocked drains just won’t do. One of the most important laws regarding renting includes that a place must be fit “for the occupation of human beings”. Take a walk through your rental and observe what repairs need to be done before a tenant moves in. Here’s a list of things that you can put on your check list when you go through the house.

Leaking taps and toilets – All fixtures from taps, showers, faucets, toilets etc. should work properly and consistently. If a fixture is leaking or doesn’t function properly, get it fixed. In fact in some cases if a fixture proves faulty consistently, it may be more reasonable to get it replaced. This way you can save on continuous repairs and also on your water bill if you are paying for your tenant’s utilities and water.

Moldy roofs – Make sure the plumbing is in good condition. This is essential as damp roofs are unhealthy and odds are no one will rent the place if there is even a remote possibility of moldy roofs. Leaks in the pipes must be fixed. If there is a small sign of dampness on walls or roofs, call the plumber and get this fixed. If you ignore small plumbing problems, it will soon prove to be a very expensive affair. So get it fixed before you have to shell out a bomb.

Moldy or broken cabinets and storage areas – Look through every single closet and cabinet for signs of mold or mildew. Closets and cabinets are most often neglected so make sure that you clean them out properly before renting out. If you have had tenants occupying the place before, check to see if they have left any of their belongings behind. Call and inform them about this so they can come and collect their belongings. Make sure that the knobs on your cabinets and closets are intact. All storage areas must be clean and in good condition.

Peeling paint or holes in the walls –If the walls are in a bad condition, repainting it is a good place to start. If this is unnecessary, watch out for portions of the wall that may need to be patched up. Any holes or damage should be repaired. But if you are willing to let it out without making small repairs, then make sure you document or photograph these portions so you don’t hold your new tenants responsible for this. But glaring holes or peeling walls should be fixed.

Stained and soiled carpets – All carpets should be checked for stains and mildew. Pet urine (like cat urine stains) tends to cause various diseases. This is extremely unhealthy so get your carpets cleaned thoroughly. Also check for mildew and see if the problem can be fixed. If not, replace the carpeting. It is important to ensure that your tenants are living in a healthy atmosphere. Don’t get slapped by lawsuits because of neglect on your part.

Broken or faulty appliances – All appliances should be in good working condition. If you are providing free utilities to your tenants, you will have to suffer a lot of costs if you don’t get faulty appliances fixed at the start. Gas, heating and electric appliances should be checked out. If the appliance is rusting and donkey’s years old, just replace it with a new cost-effective one. Constant and repetitive fixing of appliances will again prove to be very costly in the long run. Your tenants will appreciate the new merchandise and not to mention this will also save on your electric and gas bills. It may also mean that you can push up your rent a tad bit because of these new appliances.

Creaky doors and windows – All doors and windows from the patio to cabinets must be in good condition. Make sure they don’t creak horribly and the locks function properly. Also check if the paint on the doors is peeling, scratched or chipped. Get this fixed to give the house a complete look of tidiness.

Lead Paint – Properties built before 1978 may have lead paint. You need to get this factor checked out if your rental is slightly old as you need to inform the tenants about this before they move in.

Apart from the aforementioned, you need to take a close look at any fixing that may need in your rental. Not only is this essential to score some good tenants but also ensures that the tenure of your tenants is safe and goes smoothly.

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