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Creating Real Estate Agent Websites for Better Business

By Sadiya Anjum

It is a known fact that the internet is one of the first sources any person explores for real estate services and products. If you are an agent without a website then perhaps you are a little outdated with your marketing techniques. Creating a website may just help you boost your business.

Firstly a website establishes credibility and is just easier to access. It provides essential details with photographs, interactive features, content etc. that a prospective client may be interested in. It is a unique medium promoting your services in detail in a style that you choose. More importantly it is available every single second to your customers allowing them to gain insight into your services at their convenience.

To establish a website there are several options open to you. You may consider designing and maintaining it yourself if you have the time and capability. Free templates and templates ranging at different prices are available depending on the kind of features available. If you are unsure then get your website designed by a professional for a better look and feel.

However it is not a simple job of just calling a web designer; it still requires involvement on your part. Content, photographs, promotional offers and other such details need to be provided to the designer. Photographs of homes you are putting up for sale, content about your services, general information on home buying and selling are a few basic aspects that your site can contain. Make sure you update your site regularly so that potential clients are not turned away by outdated information.

A distinct advantage of websites is that realtors’ information is now available to people from other parts of the country who are looking for agents in your area. But it comes down to attracting the attention of these prospective clients. Not everyone can fit on the first page of a search engine like Google or Yahoo but efforts can be made to get there.

There are certain factors which you should pay close attention to. Begin with a clear idea of what your services are and most importantly what your USP (unique selling proposition) is. Identify the factor/s that sets you apart from other agents. Next you must identify your target audience and cater to their needs – what content will impress or convince them, the look of a website etc.

Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and each page is interconnected appropriately. Your web address should clearly indicate who you are or what your services are. In addition, the title to each of your pages should specify the content of the page. The title should also include key words that searchers are most likely to type-in on a search engine. Monitor how present/ past clients gained access to your website: was it from visiting cards you handed out, or did they find you through another link, or did they find you through a search engine? If yes, then what were the keywords used and how can you incorporate them into your web page titles.

Traffic directed to your website maybe most likely from external marketing techniques used: like printing your URL on visiting cards, yard signs, flyers etc. No matter how people get there, remember your job is to turn visitors into clients. If your services are good enough, they will sell themselves. But a good website which is easy to navigate, has relevant and important content and looks attractive will be a key in establishing your credibility. So make sure that your website reflects these; and use this medium as creatively as possible.

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