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Packing when Moving Homes

By Sadiya Anjum

You have found your new home and you are ready to move. Several aspects need to be taken care of when moving and the entire experience may be a bit stressful. One of these tedious aspects is packing. Some of us hate packing and some of us are experts at it. But not every packing experience can be a complete success; there will be mistakes made and yet you will survive in the end. However here are some handy tips that can make the whole experience a lot easier.

If you are hiring a rental truck company, then they can manage well under your guidance. But always remember to pack your absolutely precious items and documents yourself and carry them with you while moving. However not all of us can afford to hire a company which charges by the hour and instead opt to pack ourselves.

Packing yourself does not have to be a stressful experience if you get yourself organized. Begin with a garage sale or give away unused items to charity. When you are making a new start, it is time to get rid of those items you have not used in about 13 years. Always start packing much ahead of time. Start with items and clothes that you are not likely to use in the next few weeks and can do without. Packing ahead of time will save you the hassle of a hurried and poor packing job, check your juggling capabilities when you are trying to do too many things towards the end and just reduce stress overall.

For storage boxes, a common practice is to call neighboring stores or discount outlets that may have a huge stock of them. Start collecting these as early as possible because there may just never be enough boxes. Another option is to buy packing boxes, some of which are custom designed for specific items. The major difference between the two kinds of boxes is quality; custom designed boxes are more durable. The best solution would be to use a combination of both.

Packing techniques vary from one person to another. Some pack according to each personís room or some just stack all similar items together. Whichever method best suits you, one very helpful tip is to pack some boxes with items which you will first require. These boxes can include cleaning items, bedding, toiletries, medicines, snacks, a few kitchen items and basically things which are extremely essential. Mark these boxes so you can open them out first.

For fragile items, you can wrap them in newspapers, bubble wrap or with towels, sheets and blankets. Make sure that each item is wrapped separately to prevent it from breaking. When packing them in boxes, make sure that you do not stack them one on top of the other, instead place them vertically.

Also make sure that each box is not too heavy. In effect, heavy items should be stored in small boxes. This will prevent the box from ripping open with strain and also protect your back. It is better if you make five trips instead of one if you can ensure the safety of your valuables as well as your back. In addition, remember to indicate what each box contains.

On the day of moving, arrange for a neighbor or friend to watch your small children and pets. You do not want them coming in the way or getting hurt by anything. Keep these tips in mind and pack away!

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