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Enjoying Your Garden More with Outdoor Furniture

By Sadiya Anjum

After spending so much time and effort on your garden, you truly deserve to enjoy it. If you love the outdoors or would just like to add to the overall beauty of your garden, you need to consider garden furniture. Creating a seating area in your garden will only help you relax in your green space or entertain friends under a star strewn sky.

There are so many ways to create seating spaces in your garden like transforming the natural habitat by having rocks carved in an alcove or stones transformed around a pond. But most of us do not have such elaborate gardens and cannot afford huge expenses, so we choose garden furniture as a simpler option.

Depending on what and where you are going to place your furniture, there are several pieces to choose from. Having a simple garden bench or a single chaise lounge or a whole seating area complete with a coffee table can comprise of garden furniture. It really is up to you to make it as elaborate or as simple as you would like. However a simple tip to remember is that it should enhance the beauty of your garden instead of taking the focus away from it.

If you think that once you have decided which pieces you want to add, the choice ends there you are highly mistaken. Now comes deciding which design and material you are going to pick. Furniture is available in wood (different kinds!), wicker, plastic, metal, stone, marble, etc. The choices are many but you should watch out for certain factors before picking out the best looking furniture.

You have to keep in mind that garden furniture needs to be durable as it is going to have to battle the outdoor conditions. Each material has specific qualities; some may be more resistant to the sun but not so good with rot and others may work well with insects but may not be suitable for winter. When you shop for outdoor furniture you need to find out which material will be best suited for your garden and weather conditions. But there are some basic factors you need to take into account.

Your garden furniture has to be practical and easy to maintain. If you are planning on leaving your furniture outside all year round, then opt for a material which will endure the changing seasons. It is not just the weather, the material should be able to resist rot and damage from insects. Consider where you are going to place this furniture: for instance if you are going to place it where the sprinklers may hit it you need to consider how moisture will affect the furniture. You also need to consider light weight furniture as it will help you move it around easily to mow the lawn or clean the place, unless you plan to leave it permanently in a leafy nook.

Do not forget that your furniture has to obviously be comfortable. Get pieces that will help you rest your back and arms properly. If it is not comfortable enough, then it really kills the purpose of it unless you are planning to use the furniture solely for decorative purposes. To add more comfort, you can even consider a canopy or an awning for your seating area if necessary.

Truly the options are plenty and the price range is varied too. You may go for a simple design or less comfort but do not compromise on durability for a cheap bargain. You do not want your furniture to crumble in a few months. So take time to pick out good pieces that will look beautiful as well as let you enjoy your personal outdoor space.

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