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Secured Loans: Solution to your Problems

By Sadiya Anjum


Struggling to manage your finances? Need money for your daughter’s dream wedding? Need to make urgent and essential home improvements? Among all the possible paths you may seek, obtaining a Secured Loan is one of the easiest ones. A Secured Loan is when one can borrow money against an asset which serves as collateral. The advantages of this loan are many as the lender is assured of repayment one way or the other.

Secured loans come in different packages i.e. there are different kinds of secured loans depending on what you offer as collateral. Most often homes/ properties are offered as collaterals; for instance a Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Improvement Loan. An Auto Loan is one where your vehicle becomes the collateral. A Personal Loan can also be a secured loan provided you offer something as collateral.

Secured loans as mentioned before have many advantages. Interest rates are usually low and the term for repayment is long. In effect, the monthly payments are really low and give the borrower the ability to control a large sum of money at a very small ‘immediate’ price. Secured loans also have flexible and favorable terms when compared to unsecured loans.

A secured loan offers the kind of money that may sometimes take a lifetime to save. In the case of a Home Equity Loan or a Home Equity Line Of Credit you are actually utilizing the equity in your home which would otherwise have been unused. It is also easier to obtain secured loans as the collateral will protect the lender. Even having a bad credit history cannot stop you from obtaining a secured loan. Bad credit secured loans are designed specially for this case.

With a secured loan you can do practically anything with it- pay other debts, take a vacation, get married, make home improvements etc. It all sounds good – low interest rates, long term, low monthly payments etc. But if you cannot repay the money by the end of the term, you risk losing your collateral – in most cases, the roof over your head!

As with every loan, there are certain risks involved. Understand your financial condition and keep the future in mind before you decide to get a secured loan. Using secured loans for important expenditures or emergency situations is the smart way to go. When obtaining a secured loan, make sure you shop around, take your time and pick the best offer available.

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