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Renovate Boring Floors with Area Rugs

By Sadiya Anjum

An Area Rug is a simple accessory that can do amazing things to your décor. Area rugs basically fit in any room enhancing the feel and look of it. There is limitless choice when it comes to color, design, shape, materials and textures. No matter how unique your furnishings are, you are bound to find an area rug to go with it.

Area rugs come in splendid colors and designs. Rugs in neutral colors or colors which blend with your flooring will enhance the décor. Conversely, if you are looking to split a huge room into two different sections, then a vibrantly colored or patterned rug is appropriate. Bright colors will draw attention to themselves. So if you want other features in the room to be highlighted, play down the color of the area rug. Area rugs come in various shapes, most commonly they are rectangular, round or oval.

Colors and designs are not the only factors that are varied for an area rug. Other kinds of rugs may be too expensive but area rugs have a wide range in terms of cost – from fifty dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. Since they fit anyone’s budget and are easily portable, they are ideal for renters. If you pick out rugs in neutral colors, no matter which home you go to, you will be able to use it. But you can experiment with texture. If you spend a little extra for a high-quality soft rug then you will be able to make up for the lack of experimenting with color. Area rugs are perfect to add a personal touch to the floor without damaging it or risking your deposit.

The most wonderful part about an area rug is that you can use it in any room. Depending on where you use it, it takes on a unique function of its own. As said before, area rugs can split huge rooms into different sections. If placed in the foyer, it will serve to absorb the dirt that may be brought in from outdoors. Placed in bathrooms, they create a luxurious feeling and can provide a respite from cold floors. In any room, an area rug will help to absorb noise and reduce echoing.

Using area rugs in different rooms means you can pick out distinctive pieces for every single room. An area rug in a child’s room allows you to try out something fun and bright. But try and get one of those area rugs with an anti-skid layer underneath for a child’s room especially if there is no carpeting. Depending on the kind of look you want to create or the mood you want to reflect in a room, you can find an area rug to complement it.

Area rugs are relatively easy to maintain depending on the fiber it is made of. Regular vacuuming will keep them in great shape for a long time. Send it to the cleaners once in a while to get it deep-cleaned. Certain area rugs like the ones near an entrance should preferably not be too expensive. If they get worn out fast, it will be easier to replace them. Use your prized rugs in less feet-populated areas. If your rugs are of a neutral color, then you can change the look of your rooms by exchanging them among different rooms.

You are bound to find some area rug that will match your décor one way or another. Buy these multi-functional rugs to enhance the décor of your home.

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