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Make it Easier for You and Your Pet when Moving

By Sadiya Anjum

There are just umpteen number of things that you need to handle when you are moving. In this confusion it is quite easy to forget about your petís requirements or you may think that you can prepare him to move in a matter of few hours just before you get into the car. But most pet owners do know how kindly their pet will take to new activity, confusion and relocation! Like you would prepare your family weeks in advance to relocation, you need to do the same for your pets so the actual process of moving goes smoothly.

Groundwork for your petís health and safety

Before you even think of the actual moving, you need to take care of certain things. Find out about any restrictions in your new area regarding the kind or number of pets and other regulations related to them. Include an investigation for a new vet in the area. Take your pet for a check a few weeks before the move and take care of any vaccinations or any other needs. Consult with the vet about the moving process; he may prescribe medication for any emergencies during the move.

Planning your journey

When drawing up an itinerary for your journey, think of transportation for your pet. If you are traveling by car, then a carrier may be sufficient but if you are going by air, check airline regulations. If there may be an overnight stay at some hotel, pick out pet friendly ones so you donít have to sneak in your pet and get into trouble.

Weeks before the move

If you have an outdoor pet, you need to keep him inside the home for a few weeks before the move so he does not disappear for days before the actual move. When you are packing, your pet is bound to get excited and may be curious about the various boxes. Let him explore them for a bit instead of shunning him away.

For all pets, familiarity is what will reassure them. So if you are transporting them in a carrier, introduce your pet to his temporary home as early as possible. Keep it open, leave treats and his favorite object inside. After a few days, your pet will take to it and this may help reduce his shock of being locked up inside for the first time while you are moving. Make sure that the carrier is comfortable, safe and has enough space for him to move around. When packing your petís belongings, the important items should be packed as close to moving day as possible.

Moving day

Confusion reigns and with all your preparation, your pet is still going to be baffled and intimidated on the day of the move. With people moving in and out transporting huge boxes, your first concern should be the safety of your pets and children. Either arrange for someone familiar to watch over your pets or keep them in a room with some treats, blankets, water etc. Take a break every once in a while to check on the safety of your pet. Make sure that your pet has a new name tag with your cell number and/ or new address. Even when you are in your car, check on your pet every once in a while instead of ignoring him completely.

Your new home

After unpacking a few things and settling down a bit, let your pet out and let him explore the area. He needs to be familiarized with the place and understand that this place is now home. Donít let your pet outside by himself for the first few weeks since he may try to escape the unfamiliar environment. Surround your pet with his old items and favorite things to reassure him. It is natural for you to take some time to settle in to a new home, the pet requires a lot more time to do the same.

During the entire moving process, remember that routines and familiarity will keep your pet reassured. So take time off from your busy schedule to accommodate the needs of your pet. The more attention you pay to your petís needs, the easier it is going to be for everyone. Moving is not easy for pets; they will be unable to comprehend the situation and your reassurance can keep them happy and well.

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