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Furnishing Our Homes Like Magazine Pictures

By Sadiya Anjum

Magazines on Interior decoration are piled with pictures and anyone who likes good pictures or well-decorated homes will love them. As we flip through the pages, there are some pictures that capture our eye more than the others and we find ourselves wishing we could live in such beautiful spaces. Don’t lose heart because it takes a trained eye and some smart ideas to create a similar space.

What you have to understand about magazine pictures is that they are set up by experts to make the place look good. Some features may actually not be practical. For instance, the furniture maybe placed too close leaving no room for walking. This is done to accommodate various features into one camera shot. So when you like a picture, imagine yourself living in that space and this will help you pick out the not-so-practical details.

When buying magazines, you need to pick out the right ones. Some magazines may have pictures which are bland and without any substance. The articles provided should co-ordinate with the pictures and there should also be pieces offering suggestions to decorate your home. Flip through the pages at the store and pick out a quality magazine that interests you.

When you actually do sit down to read the magazine, mark the pictures that you like. Analyze each picture and determine what exactly in it that appeals to you. It may be the colors used, the furniture, some particular accessory, the arrangement of furniture or accessories, wall art etc. This is the most crucial step – finding out exactly what you like. Once you do this, you will be able to incorporate these elements in your room.

For instance, you like the way a particular room looks spacious even though it is a small space. Then reason out why this room looks like this and how they have created the illusion of space. Perhaps, there are french windows looking out into open space or maybe there is plenty of sunlight in the room. Possibly the walls and furniture are in lighter colors. There may be a huge mirror on a wall which makes the room look bigger. Identify such features and see how you can include the same in your rooms.

Another way of examining magazines is if you already know what you are looking for. For instance you want to see how to arrange accessories on your mantelpiece. Then you scan the magazine to pick out pictures which express this feature. Zoom in and analyze the feature – get some ideas and see how/ why it blends in with the rest of the room.

Even if we do our homework and find out what we like, sometimes our likes do not fit our pocket. In cases like this, we have to do the best we can. Try and create the same effect if you cannot do the real thing. Go to discount stores and garage sales, pick out inexpensive items and then touch it up a little if necessary. For instance, if you liked a particular piece of furniture, then look for a piece which resembles the original in color, shape, pattern, fabric etc. Try to bring in as many elements of the furniture you liked. With a little creative thinking, you can accomplish wonders.

Magazines are a great source of inspiration and you should remember that. You cannot do every single thing they recommend and certainly cannot replicate a picture entirely. Train your eye to pick out elements and features of your liking and create those in your space. But the bottom line is your home is your personal space: you should decorate it with your tastes and let it reflect the personalities of the people who live there. Certainly take ideas from magazines but adapt them to your style and space.

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