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Secure your Home from Intruders

By Sadiya Anjum

Securing your home is one of the first things you must do after you have settled in. Believing naively that this neighborhood is really secure (just as we think we will never die or ‘that’ will never happen to me) and not taking proper steps to protect your home leaves you at a great risk. Agreed that certain neighborhoods are riskier and these people should take extra measures to ensure the safety of their valuables as well as themselves.

Depending on your need to secure your home, various steps can be taken to protect it. Simple things like locking all doors and windows properly may save you a lot of trouble. Many robberies occur when homeowners are negligent of such simple things. Try installing heavier doors and get a locksmith to provide you with quality locks and deadbolts.

There are several equipments that one can use to protect one’s home depending on the budget. An electronic door lock and some kind of alarm system can fit practically anyone’s budget and hence should be considered. A home security system is a good option for those who can afford it or really require it. There are several different kinds and makes that are available in the market; pick one out that suits your needs. But low quality systems may set off alarms unnecessarily and turn into a nuisance. So you need to be careful when buying one.

Security systems are of various kinds but the basic components include the following: a control panel, touchpad, telephone line seizure, a digital dialer connected to a central monitoring station, door and window sensors, alarm, and motion detectors. The more complicated systems may include infrared/ photoelectric/ ultrasonic/ microwave detectors. Depending on the size of your home and your budget, you can purchase the best security system for your home.

For those who cannot afford something this elaborate, should consider installing a dummy camera. These cameras also come in various makes and are an effective way to scare intruders away. Dummy cameras with their flashing lights, fake cables and pan movement can look extremely real. But make sure that it does not look like a dummy camera and looks as original as possible. It may seem silly but it is a smart way to prevent visitors from entering your home uninvited.

There are several other simple ways to protect your home. A dog (your best friend) can be of great help although to a certain extent it depends on the temperament of your pet. Make friends with your neighbors because they can prove to be extremely helpful in certain situations. See if there is a Neighborhood Watch program and become an active member. When you go on vacation several things need to be taken care of. Inform neighbors, cancel your newspaper delivery or get someone to pick it up each morning, and do not leave messages on your answering machine indicating your absence for a certain period of time.

Take precautions and stay alert at all times. Disaster is usually a surprise visitor. Spend some amount of money and effort to ensure the safety of your home, yourself and your loved ones.

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