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Less Storage Space? Try these Simple Ideas

By Sadiya Anjum

Every person seems to be looking to increase the storage space in their homes. It just seems like there are way too many things and hardly any space. There is no need to envy people with bigger homes because it just takes a bit of creativity to store all your possessions.

But clearing and organizing is what you need to first tackle. Most of us keep unwanted things with the notion that we may use it some day. You really need to get rid of unwanted items by disposing, giving away, holding a garage sale or at least putting them away in your basement or garage.

Organizing items and bringing some order to your home is also very essential. Utilize every bit of your existing storage space effectively by reorganizing your items. This itself will help you keep some more things in your storage areas. Here are some other interesting suggestions to multiply your storage space:

Picking the Right Furniture

When buying furniture, pick out pieces which provide some storage area. Furniture in wood comes in so many designs and varieties that look elegant as well as provide storage space.

Tables (study table, coffee table, side table) with drawers are better than those that have nothing underneath them. A chest of drawers always looks rich in a space but you need to make sure that it does not clutter the room. Benches with hinged tops placed at the bottom of your bed can be used to store bedding. Think of a loft bed for your kidís room. It is an adventurous piece of furniture for a child as well as doubles the space in the room. The area beneath the loft bed can be used for a multitude of purposes.

You can buy a sofa which has storage space underneath its cushions or a bed which has drawers attached underneath. Invest in a structured wall unit or an entertainment centre to hold more items and save floor space.

Constructing your own Storage Spaces

Other less expensive ideas can help you just as much as the above. You can even build some of the items yourself.

Utilize the space underneath your bed with storage boxes, some of which even have wheels making it easier for you to gain access to them. Cabinets or shelves built just underneath the ceiling can help you put away less used items. A shelf above your window or mounted on any wall can be used to keep decorative items or memorabilia. Using skirts for your tables in different fabrics with fancy trimmings can help you place items underneath tables. When storing luggage or travel bags, utilize the space inside them to put away less used items instead of leaving them empty.

Kitchen and Bathroom Storage

Deep shelves only mean that half the items at the back will never be used or impossible to reach. So install pull-out shelves in your kitchen enabling you to use every inch of space. As a general rule, mount platforms in closets and cabinets which have excessive vertical space. Now you will have doubled the storage in the same cabinet or closet.

Mounting a cabinet on your bathroom wall can help you store items like towels or unopened soaps and shampoos. Utilize vertical space effectively. Place hooks behind doors especially in the bathroom to hang your towel, bathrobe etc. Put up pot racks on your kitchen wall for your pots and pans.

Using hooks on the inside of your closet door can help you put up ties, belts and other such things. If you employ even some of the above suggestions, you will increase your storage space and keep your home looking neat.


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