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House Shopping and Vaastu

By Sadiya Anjum

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will probably take in your life. It is only reasonable to expect that you will want a house that not only looks good but one that is infused with positive energy for a new start. With the guidelines of Vaastu you can achieve this goal of finding the right house which is in harmony with nature.

Vaastu is an ancient science which dictates how a building should be constructed / interiors should be maintained in order to harness life giving energies in your living space. This science is based on the various energies (solar, magnetic, infrared etc.) that surround us and directs us to utilize the best of these while checking the unwanted ones.

To ensure that your house enables nature’s elements to come together in harmony, it should be built according to the guidelines of vaastu. Although most houses you are looking to buy may not have been built on these principles, they may have a few features that are compatible with the dictates of vaastu. So here are some basic pointers to keep in mind when you go house shopping:

-     Houses facing the north or east are preferable.

-    The placement of rooms in the house should be as follows- kitchen in the south-east, dining area in the west, toilets and bathrooms in the south-east or north-west, bedrooms in the south and west, and living room in the west portion.

-     The total number of windows and doors in the house should be an even number but should not end in zero (eg.10, 20, 30).

-     Vaastu emphasizes on ventilation, hence make sure the house provides good cross ventilation.

-     Colors on the walls of the house should be light and soothing, bright colors are a strict no-no except maybe in the study to inspire creative thinking.

-     Huge trees on the north or east side are not recommended. Ideally they should be on the south or west side.

-     A fountain in the north east portion of the house is highly recommended.

-     The walls (including boundary walls) in the south and west should be thicker and higher compared to the north and east.

-     The house should sit on a square plot. Circular, oval, triangular plots are ill-advised.

-     Stationary or a stream of filthy water in front of the house is not just unhealthy but is ominous.

Vaastu’s principles bring in positive life giving forces and if you find a house with most of these basic features, you can be assured of a healthy atmosphere in your house. So go find a house that will prove to be a haven for you.


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