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Tips on Vaastu to enrich your house for a better and quicker sale

By Sadiya Anjum

We build and decorate our houses today according to our whims and fancies, never quite stopping to think about how it will impact the energy that surrounds us. Most of us are ignorant, donít really care or simply put just donít have the time for such stuff. But if you can bring in some positive energy into your house, why not? Perhaps it will be this positive energy that will help you find the best buyer with the best deal.

When selling your home, you spruce up every area and item in sight when prospective buyers are coming over. Apart from engaging their physical senses, its time to let them Ďfeelí good in the space you put up for sale. This is where Vaastu comes into play.

Vaastu, dating back to over 7000 years ago, is one of the oldest branches of science that deals with design and architecture. Most people today are confused about the concept of vaastu relating it to religious practices and superstition. Shed your inhibitions and preconceived notions in order to harmonize your living space with nature. Vaastu directs you to construct your house/office in a manner that will bring together all the elements of nature. Vaastu helps you screen negative energy and attract positive energy into your house/office thereby enhancing your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Although Vaastu primarily deals with the construction and structure of a building, making small changes in the interiors can also work the magic.

Hereís how you get started. Understand that vaastu essentially takes into account the various energies that the four directions bring. The east conveys solar energy and the north brings in magnetic energy. Both these energies are life supporting and should be welcomed. This means you keep the northern and eastern areas open and clutter free. Same goes for the central area of your house. Move the heavy furniture to the south and west. Open the windows on the south east side for light from this direction is most favorable.

If youíre thinking of some renovation before you sell your house, time to add in a small fountain in the north east. Water absorbs negative energy and is effective in getting rid of still energy and inducing moving energy into the surrounding space.

The living room should ideally be in the west as it helps to enliven social gatherings and activities. Bright colors for the walls of a house are inadvisable, instead light and cool colors are preferred. Put in a few lush green plants that will add to the décor of the house. Paintings and pieces of art depicting misery or war do not find place inside a house and hence, should be removed.

If you are new to vaastu, it may seem daunting and confusing at first. But this science is really quite simple based on the various positive energies you want your house to absorb. Vaastu is ideally employed during the building process but on a ready structure, the basic tips mentioned above should help you create the right vibes to connect with the right buyer.


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