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Utilize the A-B-Cs of Feng Shui while selling your home

By Sadiya Anjum


Feng Shui is an ancient science of the Chinese which deals with the arrangement and design of a space in order to attain perfect harmony with all of natureís elements. It ranges from choosing the right gravesite to designing a building, locality or city; or decorating the interiors.

Feng Shui aims at attracting and harnessing chíi (energy) to bring overall well-being to those who occupy that space. Whether you are skeptical of this seemingly alien concept or you are a feng shui enthusiast, the truth remains that when you are selling your house, any advice which enhances the look and feel of your house, is good advice.

To begin with, examine your emotions as well as your familyís. The selling of your house may bring in a wide array of emotions and it is important that all members are able to deal with this and think positively. This will allow for a free flow of positive energy advancing the sale of your house.

On a more concrete basis, you can make several changes. Bring a compass and determine the southern most point of your house. Remove any heavy piece of furniture or item that is located here, as this point acts like the anchor and when moving houses, you shift this anchor. Also, move some of your belongings to create a sense of space as well as to bring in moving energy.

When you have prospective buyers coming over, make sure your house provides an atmosphere that will appeal to all their senses. Common sense dictates that every space should be free of clutter and every surface is clean. Feng Shui stresses on the effect of horizontal space which translates to keeping all surfaces (tables, counter tops, shelves etc.) clear. Remove as many family photographs as possible so your buyers can picture themselves living in the house.

Light is essential to create a feeling of airiness, so open out windows or turn on sufficient number of lights if the buyers are coming in after dark. Tantalize their sense of smell with clean and fresh aromas. Earthy, pine or cinnamon scents are more effective than floral ones. Furthermore, soothing sounds or soft music in the background will add to the effect. If youíre unsure of this, at least turn off any blaring music or television racket from kidsí rooms.

Focus on keeping all areas of the house clean and presentable. But target on your kitchen and bathrooms like never before. Your sparkling kitchen should exude warmth and a healthy atmosphere. Bathroom doors must be kept shut and donít forget to keep it odor free along with the toilet seat down.

Even if your house is not built according to the exact rules of Feng Shui, the above pointers will bring in positive energy which in turn will engage the senses of your buyers and promise you a good deal.

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