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A Home Inspection Before Buying a Home can Ease your Troubles

By Sadiya Anjum

Picture this: after months of home hunting you have finally found the perfect home. You buy it at your dream price and have moved in with your family. A month down the line your basement starts stinking and the walls have become damp. The plumber is called; he declares a fault in the plumbing and shocks you with the cost. So instead of running the risk of wanting to cause serious injury to the previous owner, before you buy a home spend a little money and buy yourself some peace of mind.

Getting a Home Inspection is extremely essential if you want to avoid disasters as well as be able to ask for the right sale price. A home inspector will be able to see flaws in the house which you cannot detect. With his flash light, ladder, other devices and above all his expertise he will give you a clearer picture of the condition of the home. You may also request for photographs to be taken so you may be able to understand the condition of the house yourself.

A home is examined from the roof to the foundation for various problems. But mainly a home inspection will include the assessment of the following features of a home. Plumbing will be closely scrutinized by checking the drains, pipes, sinks, faucets and bathroom fixtures. The electrical system is analyzed thoroughly- light fixtures, wiring, grounding equipment, amperage and voltage ratings, etc. The heating and cooling systems which include boilers, heat pumps, thermostats, insulation, air conditioning, ducts, filters etc. are investigated. He will assess the structure of the house by examining the foundation, ceilings, roof, walls, floors etc. Doors, windows, balconies, chimneys, steps, driveway etc. will be inspected.

Apart from this, a home inspector may check for other factors that are specific to the region (location of the home). For instance, he may check the home for radon gas which is a problem in some specific areas of the country. Other tests for pests or soil conditions may be done. You will have to ask the home inspector if any specific tests need to be conducted.  

The inspection may of course omit details about the paint on the walls, conditions of the carpets, drapes or household appliances. These can always be replaced by the buyer easily unless the items are sold to him. Then the buyer must examine the condition of these before reaching an agreement.

It is a smart idea to be present when the inspection is being carried out. This way the inspector may explain the functioning of various things and will be able to point out any flaws directly to you. He may also give you tips on how to maintain the different features and which aspects require frequent cleaning. You can gain a better understanding of the structure of your home as well learn several things that will come handy later.

A home inspection may cost anywhere between $250 and $500. This money is well spent as your home will be examined thoroughly for problems you do not even know can exist. To make your home buying experience a happy one make sure you get a home inspection.

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