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Hire the Best Home Inspector Available

By Sadiya Anjum

Perhaps the single largest investment of your life is packaged in the form of your home. Getting a Home Inspection will ensure that this investment is worth every single cent. But hiring the right person to carry out this task is even more important. A phony or even a certified inspector who does a shabby job will get you nothing. It does not take a genius to hire someone appropriate, just asking the right questions and checking out credentials will put you on the right track.

When you are ready to hire a home inspector, contact the American Home Inspectors Directory (AHID). Through this you will be able to get in touch with a professional from any of the organizations like American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) etc.

Hire only a professional who has a certificate to prove this. Experience counts in a field like this, so find out how many inspections this person has conducted. A part time inspector who has done three jobs in a year may not have mastered the art. Apart from the number of jobs he has done, check to see that this person has inspected properties similar to yours. His experience must match your needs. He should inspect residential properties (not commercial) and it will be good if he has done a job in your area. This means he will be able to examine the property for defects that may generally occur in a particular region due to climatic or other reasons.

Apart from checking credentials ask relevant questions when hiring someone. Ask to see a copy of their inspection forms, so you may see the various aspects that they cover. Or at least ask about the various factors he is going to look at. Check if he will take photographs; even though inspection reports are descriptive it is a totally different story when you can actually see the defect described. Also ask him if he is willing to take you along for the inspection. You want someone who will be happy to answer your questions and explain things to you.

A home inspection takes anywhere between two and four hours depending on the size of the property. So ask the inspector about the time required to examine your home. Judge the size of your property and make sure that he is willing to spend some proper time assessing it.

Enquire about the home inspection report. When buying a home, the time factor plays a major role. When making crucial decisions you need to have the report in your hand. So ask him how soon you can expect the assessment report. An inspector from a good company may even be able to hand over the report directly after the inspection.

Lastly but importantly, find out from him how much you will be charged for the process. Usually an inspection will cost between $250 and $500. The cost is obviously dependent on the kind of inspection carried out, the size of your home etc. Still asking ahead will save you the trouble of haggling later.

A home inspector does not have X-ray vision and he may not detect minute errors which may act up later. However, hiring a decent inspector will ensure that the job is done in the best manner possible. So before you spend that money on your home or the inspection, hire a home inspector who will deliver you peace of mind.


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