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Room Dividers: Much More than Partitions

By Sadiya Anjum

Room dividers are a great way to make a room multi-functional while jazzing up your décor. Unlike before where options were fewer, room dividers today come in styles that can match any kind of furnishing. Moreover, the phrase ‘room divider’ has become a misnomer as its not just used to divide a room but has become an interior fashion accessory. Pick out a room divider for your home and see how it can liven up a dull room.

Room dividers come in a range of varieties, styles and sizes. There are three kinds of basic dividers: flat panel, folding screen and hanging curtain. A flat panel is basically a single pane divider which stands on feet. The folding screen is several panels attached by hinges which enable the panels to fold along them. These screens can range from anywhere between three to eight panels. The hanging curtain is self explanatory except beads or different kinds of fabrics can be used instead of the regular fabrics.

Panels can be made from practically any material. Today the options include fabrics, metal, wood, leather, glass, wrought iron, bamboo and just about any other material you can think of. The material apart, the fashioning and designing of each of these materials will give you a wider range of options. You can find fabrics which are painted with various sceneries or Japanese style paintings, or glass which is stained or painted, wrought iron screens designed in different styles etc.

Some of the more adventurous styles include mirrors that are placed in the panels – either full length or smaller pieces at strategic places. Some dividers may even have slots where photographs can be inserted. Some are even made with shelves. This kind of accessorizing only makes dividers even more multi-functional!

Dividers can partition a room to create two separate functional areas like a dining and living area. They can be put in a corner to create storage space or just to hide clutter/ kids’ toys. Put them against a wall if you just want to accessorize your space. They can also double as head boards. Dividers which have mirrors can create a dressing room for you in a corner. Those with shelves will give you storage space – use it to place decorative items and accessories or create a library by stocking books. Place photographs in dividers of your family or a favorite holiday location to have your own tiny photo gallery.

The more creatively you think, the more number of uses you can put your divider to. Before you buy one though, make sure you check the size of the location since a bulky divider will make the room look crowded. Also pick one that goes well with your furnishings. The choices are unlimited and it is up to you to pick the best one out.

Begin with searching online for dividers as the options available are wider and will give you a better idea. If you cannot find just what you are looking for, then perhaps the craftsman in you can fashion something for your home. They are relatively easy to make and if you are handy with tools, you can create some beautiful and unique pieces. With something as basic as a divider, you can add to the beauty of your home.

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