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The five pillars of Feng Shui to achieve gigantic success like Pepsi and Sony

By Sadiya Anjum

Just because you are a practical, head on shoulders type of person, it doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in the affect your surroundings can have on you. The energy that surrounds us is affected by our environment and every piece of item that is in it. Feng Shui is the science of harnessing chi (energy) and harmonizing the elements of nature in living spaces. Even if you don’t believe in this science, believe that you have the ability to manipulate your surroundings to achieve stability and success in your work and life.

From Donald Trump, Oprah and giants like Pepsi, Sony, and Procter & Gamble – all have embraced Feng Shui to maximize their success. With Feng Shui they have added value to their service, created great work settings for their employees and have made some big bucks. Feng Shui has definitely set them apart from their competitors and no proof needs to be provided for this.

You can achieve this too even if you aren’t a billionaire or a global corporate giant. Try out the simple rules of feng shui and surprise yourself with the results you will achieve. Feng Shui is the science of placement of items and design of buildings to envelope yourself with positive moving energy that has a great impact on your emotional, physical and mental well being. This in turn will reflect in your work and your relationships. Feng Shui unites Yin/Yang (opposite polarities) and provides simple methods to harmonize the five elements of fire, earth, water, metal and wood.

To implement this science in your life, here is what you should start with- understanding the five basic principles of feng shui:

ENERGY – As silly as it may sound every piece of item in existence either exudes or influences the energy of an environment. So this means every item in your office- plants, furniture, machines, animals, people etc. are either exerting a positive or negative influence. To make sure that you achieve success and well being, surround yourself with items that will enhance your surroundings.

SIMPLICITY – Have you heard of the adage ‘keep it simple’? Well feng shui believes in this too. This translates to keeping your environment free of clutter. Clutter influences your life more than you think it does- less clutter means more opportunities and good fortune. Clutter in specific areas indicates problems in specific areas of your life. For instance, clutter on your desk means you find the need to control everything or you’re just frustrated. Clutter underneath furniture indicates that you lay too much importance on appearance or clutter everywhere in your office represents frustration, anger and dissatisfaction.

BALANCE – Everything in nature has been created in balance and it is a different story that we as human beings tend to disrupt that. The balance of the five elements of fire, wood, earth, water and metal is vital as they exert a huge influence. Too much of one element of the complete absence of another is a big no-no. Achieving balance of the elements in your office is essential for fortune and prosperity.

HEALTH – Without this, there really is no getting forward with anything in life. Invisible energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation can disrupt your health. Gadgets including cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights, etc. radiate this energy which has a negative impact on you and your surroundings. Electromagnetic radiation is often overlooked but you need to understand that it affects your body- the brain, reproductive system, endocrine system and almost every organ. Protect yourself and your employees/ colleagues from this to create a healthy atmosphere for a conducive work environment.

POWER –Feng Shui in relation to power dictates specific directions for almost every activity you do. There are specific directions for selling, negotiating, communicating, even for sleeping and exercising. This power idea comes from one of the classical schools of feng shui called Eight Mansions which has probably help create the most number of millionaires than any other school. With the help of you can determine your power element. The implementation of this power element in your work space can help you reduce stress and achieve success.

Understand and implement these five basic principles in your office to let in good energy which will bring out the best in you and your colleagues/ employees. Even if you are still skeptical, just remember that this old science has been tested and embraced by some of the biggest names in commerce we have ever seen. So go on and bring in some fortune and prosperity in your life!


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