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Make Your Kitchen Feng Shui Friendly for Prosperity and Health

By Sadiya Anjum

Feng shui can bring peace and success in every area of your life. When decorating or building one’s home, incorporating feng shui principles can affect one’s overall well-being. The kitchen is a significant portion of a home and represents more than just an area for meal preparation. It is a space where the family gathers and cooking becomes a shared activity. In feng shui, the kitchen represents prosperity and is the source of nourishment. There are simple rules of feng shui that one can easily incorporate and follow. This act can bring health and tend to the overall well-being of every family member.

As far as the placement of the kitchen itself is concerned, there are two main aspects one may consider. A kitchen should preferably not be located near the front door. If your kitchen attracts attention as soon as you enter, you need not break it down and rebuild it. Try and draw attention away from it by placing other strong articles or features at the entrance. Another aspect to be considered is the direction it faces. A kitchen facing the north is usually discouraged.

As far as colors for your kitchen walls go, its always lighter and cooler shades that are preferred. Warm colors representing fire (such as red) should be avoided. The color white is ideal for a kitchen. It harmonizes the fire and water element in this space. It also gives the room a brighter look and symbolizes purity. Lighter shades of blue can also be used.

The kitchen incorporates the water (sink, dishwasher) and fire (stove, microwave) element. These elements should have sufficient distance between them and should help in balancing the chi in your kitchen. The stove and sink should not be placed alongside or opposite each other.

Even good design logic dictates that the sink, stove and refrigerator should be placed at the vertices of a triangle. If this is not possible, simply work towards separating the stove and sink; just place plants between the two. A wood element will combat the clash between the fire and water element.

There are several factors that one needs to consider with regard to the stove. Firstly, a person cooking should be able to see the entire room. At the very least, the person must be able to see the entrance easily. If you face the wall while cooking, hang a mirror above the stove so you can see behind you. This is a fairly effective way to correct this problem.

Windows over a stove or door close by is not favored. It allows the escape of energy emanating from the stove. It is also highly recommended that all the burners are used; this represents the use of all opportunities one has. Do not use just one particular burner all the time. Make sure that all burners are used from time to time even if it is to just boil water. Also place plants around or near your stove; wood and fire elements should be combined.

Tend to the overall cleanliness of your kitchen. A clean kitchen will help harness chi and keep your cooking healthy. Remove clutter from your kitchen, even from the cabinets. Ensure that all appliances are in working condition especially the stove. If a single burner is not working, get it fixed as soon as possible. Also add plants to your kitchen even if they are just herbs.

Feng shui rules for the kitchen can be many depending on the different schools of this discipline. Just follow the simple ones to begin with and incorporate as many rules as you can. A feng shui kitchen is a healthy kitchen which can bring prosperity to your life.

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