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Plants in your home for a feng shui friendly environment

By Sadiya Anjum

To concentrate on the wood element in your house, it is always better to have plants (considered a wood element) and trees instead of furniture or other items made of wood. Both plants and trees are believed to have a spirit which can harness chi effectively and can be used to correct defects in a house. For instance, a back door that is located bang opposite the front door of a house will elevate the escape of chi. A plant placed strategically in between can harness the chi instead of letting it pass by.

But not all plants and trees can perform this magic. Feng Shui forbids plants and trees which have pointed leaves like cactus. Picking the right plants to dot your interiors is important. So here are some common plants which are recommended:

Bamboo: This is absolutely no maintenance and on top of the list. Grows in any kind of light and can be planted in soil or rocks. All you have to do is keep the roots wet. A plant you should consider for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ivy: is usually employed to counter harsh lines in a space such as a bookcase or sharp ended tables.

Palms: Any variety of palms can be employed as dividers in living rooms or any other areas. Can also be placed in small containers for decorative purposes.

Ficus: Not just recommended by feng shui, it is one of the most popular plants recommended by scientists. It has the quality of purification and helps rid the air of chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

Rubber Plant: The round leaves of this plant are considered to be symbols of good fortune.

Lavender: helps to support and elevate relaxation and tranquility in a space.

Herbs: Again easy to care for and are practical. Put them in small decorative vessels in your kitchen.

Fresh flowers: Usually most fresh flowers arranged simply can be very soothing. Each flower may also have its own beneficial properties. For instance, placing mums near your stove will help absorb the harmful toxins emanating from the stove.

Choose from any of the above to make your living space more feng shu friendly. Other plants which are bright with round leaves can be used in the house. Choose plants for the interiors which are easy to maintain. Be creative and use hanging baskets for some of your plants which you can place in corners of a room. Plants in your living space will not only look nice but will also create a healthy atmosphere which is conducive for absorbing chi.

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