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The magic of chi in your home office

By Sadiya Anjum

Some of us choose to work from home for various reasons and this ‘some of us’ is a significant percentage of the population today. Your home office is your personal space and a desk, PC, a few gadgets should not be all that it comprises of. Moving some of your belongings and making simple, economic additions will not only enhance the décor of your office but can also bring in some wealth and prosperity. Feng Shui, the science of placement of items to attract chi (energy) can help you on your road to success.

The location of your office in your home is the first step. Try to position your office in one of the following areas: the north (career sector), the southwest (wealth sector), the northeast (skills and talents sector) or the south (fame and recognition sector). Each section has its own advantage but the north side is most preferable.

Once you’ve found your office, here’s what you can do for a beneficial and wholesome environment.

- Place your chair against a wall so you can support your back. This corresponds to constant support that you will have in your life. Never sit with your back to a window.

- As all decorating rules go, keep your office free of clutter. All desktops should be clean and keep only what is absolutely necessary on your desk.

- To propagate the idea of breathing space, leave plenty of space around your desk. Do not let work or colleagues cramp or suffocate you.

- Another pointer in relation to the position of your desk- do not place it between two doors as good energy will enter through one door and escape through another.

- Place your company signboard (if any) in the southeast, south or north section of your office.

- All your gadgets – telephone, fax machine, computer should preferably be in the southeast section. This will help expand your contacts.

- If the entrance to your office leads into a long corridor or wall, then place a hanging crystal there as it will help accumulate good chi.

- Make sure that from where you sit, you can always see the door. If this is not feasible, put a mirror in a position where you can see the reflection of the door clearly.

- The main door of your office should not open into your desk or jam against it.

- Keep electric equipments like a photocopy machine away from the main door. The heat energy that these equipments produce will scatter good chi.

- Sharp ended objects and accessories should not point at your desk. Do not place them near your door either as they create negative energy that maybe disturbing to those (customers, clients etc) who enter.

- To promote growth in your work put in some plants. Bamboo or ivy is a good choice as they require little care but cactus should definitely be avoided. The needles on the cactus will create negative or stagnant energy just as pointed objects facing your desk will do.

- Always keep your vases filled as hollow vessels tend to suck in good chi.

- Water helps harness chi, so a fish tank in the south east or north section of your office is a good idea. A small tabletop fountain is also a good option as moving water helps to absorb negative energy and cleanse the environment.

- Some red object – flower, plant, painting etc. should be placed in the south section of your office to promote your services or products.


Our environment and the things that surround us have a great affect on our performance and well being. Follow the above to obtain good luck and a conducive work environment in your home office.


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