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Buy a house that is Feng Shui compatible for a peaceful and joyous life

By Sadiya Anjum

Buying a house is an important decision and when you lay your eyes on a house that meets all your requirements, it is probably one of the most brilliant moments of your life. But pause just for a minute to see whether the house will bring you true happiness in your life or burden you with problems. Even though it is hard to believe that a house can affect your well being, just know that whether or not you believe in gravity, it exists. Likewise so do the principles of Feng Shui.

Once you’ve found the house which fulfills your basic requirement of area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, etc. check out the intangible factors. These intangible factors are those that influence the energy that comes into the house and how well they harness it.

There are several pointers that need to be taken into account when buying a house through the eyes of feng shui. The ideal thing to do would be to hire a feng shui professional but given below are some basic points that will help you gauge whether the house will prove to bring good fortune and happiness to you.

Firstly purchasing a brand new house is a good option but if it has been pre-owned then find out why the previous owners vacated it. If they left to move into a bigger house or moved for other good reasons, this is a positive sign. If the previous owner went bankrupt or suffered any misfortunes, then you may consider the possibility of the house having brought ill fortune to him/her.

How does a house bring ill-fortune? It is simply the way it has been positioned and designed in a manner that has absorbed harmful energy and not positive good chi. Beginning with the position of the house- where is it located? A house located at a dead end or a road leading directly to it is not good. A house between two straight roads is again unfavorable. Any direct view of a place of worship, cemetery, hospital, a sewage treatment plant is also unacceptable.

See that the house is not overshadowed by huge buildings or structures on either side of it. The houses/structures on either side should not have sharp angles pointing at your house. The plot of the land should be such that the rear is slightly raised than the front. Make sure the house sits correctly midway to the plot – a little towards the front is alright but definitely not towards the rear. Other factors regarding the outside area include no big trees or poles directly in front of the main door or a driveway that leads directly to the front door.

Moving along to the interiors, watch out for toilets, kitchen, dining area, bedroom or staircase located bang opposite the front door or even a direct view of these on entering. Spiral or scissor-style staircases should best be avoided. The kitchen or dining area should not be located right above or below any bathrooms. Bathrooms or kitchen in the center of the house is unacceptable as these areas require good ventilation. A bedroom should not be located over a garage, bathroom or an empty space.

A fireplace or a stove (an open flame) in the northwest portion of the house is a strict no-no. A bathroom or a storeroom in the southwest portion is just as inadvisable. The southwest portion is relevant to the woman of the house as the northwest is to the man. Both the above mentioned points should be highly regarded as they will directly affect the man and the woman of the house. Apart from this, make sure that the house is ventilated well, not dark and is free of funny odors.

It will be hard to find a house that has been built on the exact rules of feng shui. But understand that most feng shui flaws can be corrected with the help of a professional. Meanwhile if the house clears most of the pointers mentioned above, you might have just found your home sweet home.

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