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Sleep like a Baby in Your Feng Shui Bedroom

By Sadiya Anjum

Feng Shui aims at balancing the various elements in our living spaces to harness good energy or chi. The principles of feng shui can be applied to the construction of a building or the arrangement of furniture to bring peace and harmony in our lives. Simple measures recommended by this discipline can be implemented in our homes to improve the quality of life. Especially when decorating your bedroom, feng shui can generate energy which will help you return to bedroom basics of sleep and romance. 

The location of the bedroom with respect to the whole home is preferred at the back. It should ideally not rest over a garage or a kitchen. The bedroom should have one single door leading out; a door leading to the bathroom should always be closed. The colors used in a bedroom should always be subtle or pastel shades. Any jarring or bright colors will disturb the restful energy of a bedroom. This means that your entire d̩cor Рfrom walls to furnishing should complement each other in light colors. Lights in the bedroom should be dim; fluorescent or harsh lights do not find place in a bedroom.

The bed is truly the shrine of any bedroom. Get a comfortable yet simple bed that you can rest in peacefully. The position of the bed should be such that you are able to view the whole room. It should be placed with a solid support at the back – no windows behind it and preferably a bed with a solid headrest. If your bed rests below a window, remedy this with thick blinds or curtains. When you lie down, your feet should not face the door. This position is called the ‘coffin position’ and should be avoided.

Mirrors should be avoided or at least you should not be able to see yourself in the mirror when you are in bed. Try using a curtain of some sort to cover the mirror in the night. A bedroom is a space meant clearly for resting and romance. Any other distractions in the form of exercise equipments, television, work related materials etc. should be kept away from this sacred space. The active energy from these tools will come in conflict with the restful energy you are trying to generate in your room. If you cannot avoid having that computer or the phone in the room, then make sure you cover them at night.

Keep your room clean and free of clutter. This includes every space in your room including the closets. Do not store any heavy items underneath the bed. Dust your room and keep it free from dirt, cobwebs etc. Any plants in the room should not crowd the bed. Plants or flowers in a vase should always be fresh; if it begins to wilt it is time to take them out of the room.

Keep your room fresh and sufficiently ventilated. Keep it free of clutter and use decorative items that are not too loud or distracting. The bedroom should be your sanctuary which serves its purpose completely Рinducing sleep and relaxation. Feng shui recommends a soothing atmosphere created by cleanliness, fresh air and simple d̩cor. Feng shui principles for the bedroom are simple and can be easily implemented for a healthy and peaceful life.

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