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Detach Yourself Emotionally from Your Home Before Putting it up for Sale

By Sadiya Anjum

Selling your home can be an extremely emotional experience for you; and you can be assured that through the entire process you will experience a wide array of emotions ranging from sadness and regret to anger and panic. But the brutal truth is that you have to learn to disconnect yourself from your home.

Sellers who have too many memories attached to a home or those who are selling involuntarily or those selling on their own may be more vulnerable to falling into the trap of emotional reactions. When you decide to sell your home, one of the first things you must do is disconnect yourself from your home. You must change the way you view your home. Learn to believe that it is now a commodity or product that you are selling. Emotional attachment and reactions almost seem like a minor issue but they have the potential of delaying or making a deal difficult.

You should prepare yourself for the different kinds of reactions you are going to receive. Prospective buyers are going to comment because they are looking at the home critically. Some may even pass nasty remarks about your favorite objects or aspects of your property. If you have an agent then you can avoid as much contact as possible from home shoppers. This will save you heartache as well as allow room for buyers to explore the property comfortably.

However if you are selling on your own, you will have to keep your cool at all times. It may be difficult when you feel like there is a direct attack but do not get into a verbal combat. One of the recommendations when preparing your home for showing is to put away most if not all objects which are personal or controversial in nature. For instance photographs, art pieces which can evoke strong reactions etc. These will not only obstruct the buyer’s home viewing experience, they may also be the target of insensitive remarks. To avoid unnecessary distress, just keep your personal belongings out of the way.

When preparing your home before selling, you should ask a friend to come over and give his honest opinion. Some suggestions may not be pleasant to hear but it is all in the cause of making a successful sale. This technique may be extremely useful when your property has been on the market for an unusually long period of time. Your friend or agent may have to be more brutal at this point if a productive change needs to be made to save the sale.

Also do not take comments or unusual queries from neighbors too seriously if there are difficulties in selling your property. They may be merely voicing their concerns over the value of their own property. Be patient and let slide any insensitive remarks. But take time to get to the root of the problem.

Feedback is essential to improve the state of any object, situation or event. Some of these may be difficult to hear but they may just help you make a better sale. Pay attention to suggestions from your agent or prospective buyers. As for friends, family, neighbors etc. sieve through their barrage of suggestions and listen only to sound and practical ones.

To some emotional control may come easily but to others it may be difficult. But when it is your home you are putting up for sale, every once in a while a home shopper may manage to ruffle your feathers. But always stay calm and keep your emotions in check.

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