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Great Tips for Decorating Teen Bedrooms

By Sadiya Anjum

Finding the perfect d√©cor for your teenagerís room may seem challenging but it really is not. Most teens will jump at the idea of being able to redecorate their room according to their tastes. Even with all their suggestions, you need to see how practical they are as their tastes are bound to change at one point or another. So what you need to do is keep the basics simple and constant, and make inexpensive adventurous surface changes.

There really may not be any need to change the furniture in the room unless it is absolutely necessary. However a few additional pieces of essential furniture may make sense. The must-have pieces include a bed, dresser or closet, table and some shelf space. Apart from this, you can indulge them with bean bags, chest of drawers, a small entertainment unit, benches etc. Buy quality furniture which is not flashy but is simple, elegant and comfortable. Remember getting the basics right means you can do anything on the surface. If you are just using the old furniture, give it a coat of paint and it will be all good. For the extra furniture, you can try discount stores to buy decent pieces.

Now for the more fun and inexpensive suggestions. Firstly ask your teenager what style suits them Ė modern, bohemian, european, retro, traditional etc. Or if they would prefer a theme like wild life, black and white, musicians etc. It could be absolutely anything and you should use curtains, bed covers, wall art etc. based on this.

It will be more likely that your teen may not want a whole room in one particular style and would want to imprint their own identity on the room. This is even simpler as your range of decorating options becomes wider.

Slapping on a coat of paint is definitely not a very expensive affair. So paint the room in a warm color of your teenís preference. The options with paint are endless. To get innovative you can try several things: paint the ceiling, paint just one wall in a different (really bright) color, try vertical stripes, let your teen paint one wall etc. If your teen is big on art, you can try blackboard paint for a wall: a whole wall for graffiti or art for as long as the paint stays.

Perhaps a very helpful item in a room could be a pin-up board. It will be a space for freedom of expression or just reminders! Throw some rugs on the floor which lighten up the room. Pick out bedspreads and curtains to suit your teenís tastes. Sew some covers for your teenís chair in some unusual fabric or in a print that he/ she may like. Buy or even make cushions to place on the bed or to double as extra sitting space. If you make the cushions, you can try different colors, fabrics, styles etc. Denim or old T-shirts can be cut and sewn onto the cushion.

Storage may be a problem with some teens- too many belongings with no proper place for them. Install shelves on walls or get a chest for them. You can paint the chest or decorate it with shells, stickers etc. What is the point of being a teenager if you cannot put up posters? So pick out some great ones for their room or just leave that job to them.

Just remember that decorating in different styles is alright just as long as they do not clash with each other. So many things can be done and its all up to your creativity or even just your willingness to make your teenís room special.

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