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Decorating Your Bedroom

By Sadiya Anjum

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal bedroom; open your eyes and you will realize that it does not quite match your actual bedroom. The reasons for this may be many, perhaps you cannot afford exactly what you would like or you have never actually given this serious thought. Since your bedroom is your absolute personal space you should take time to decorate it well. Waiting for some distant day to live the ideal dream means you are losing out on this moment. You deserve to have a bedroom that is your haven no matter what your budget is.

Think simple. An elaborate setting from a high-end magazine is not what you need. It is just a guide for great ideas. It is about personalizing your space. Start with the walls. Color plays a huge role in dictating the mood of the room. Use wallpaper borders if you like or textured paint; basically it should help you create a warm and soft feel to the room. Since bare walls are usually boring, it is time to bring in the wall art. Choose a piece that you like irrespective of the artistic value. To add a more personal touch, consider a collage of photographs.

Your bedroom should not be cluttered with too many pieces of furniture or bulky ones. There should be adequate storage space in the form of a closet. A night stand, side tables or a small study table can be other pieces of furniture you can accommodate. But the most important of all is your bed. Your chief concern with beds should be the comfort it offers and how well it fits in proportion to your bedroom.

Special attention should be paid to lighting. Subtle lights should be used which create a relaxed atmosphere in the whole room. Focused lights can be employed for a study table or a side table for reading or any other such activity.

To give your room some life, think of adding a plant or a vase filled with fresh flowers. The choices for plants are many; pick an indoor flowering plant/s for a splash color and vibrancy. You can also experiment with different colors and patterns for your drapes, bedding and cushions. Throw some cushions on your bed and create the look of complete comfort.

Most importantly, you have to remember that your bedroom is private. So do not forget to add the personal touches to it. Books, music, photographs and just about anything that defines you should be incorporated in the room.

Decorating your room does not have to be an expensive affair except may be for the bed! Take time to decorate your room one piece at a time or make one small change when you are up for it. Decorating is really about imagination and innovation. It does not matter what any one thinks and especially in the bedroom, you can do what you like. The bottom line is your bedroom is your space, so decorate it just as you would like it.

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