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Using Wall Art to Decorate Bare Walls

By Sadiya Anjum

Using wall art to decorate can do wonders to the look and feel of a room. Understand that wall pictures are not just pretty things or decorative items; they can set the feel of a room just like colors on a wall. Pictures tend to give the room a more Ďlived-iní feel and dictate the mood in a given space. Most importantly, pictures tend to say a lot about the person to whom it belongs. It reflects your personality and the same is being projected on your living space.

Pictures draw the attention of anyone who walks into a room and therefore their importance should not be underestimated. Filling a space above your mantel with pictures of family and friends is one thing but using fine art prints to decorate the rest of the home is another. You do not have to possess the artistís eye to pick out a picture; after all your wall art will reflect your personality. Just understanding your tastes and following a simple procedure will help you add life to your walls.

Each room in a home has a specific function and it is wise to create a mood that will reflect this function. Consider kidsí rooms, area for entertaining, your personal retreat etc. When you figure out what the space is to be used for it makes it easy to pick out a picture. Example: for a kidís room, use prints which radiate life, color and vibrancy Ė something as simple as a popular cartoon character.

The color of your prints to a large extent can accomplish the goal of creating the respective mood. Using pictures with pastel shades for a yoga room/ your sanctuary will make sense. What you also need to consider is the style of the prints you are going to buy. Prints can fall into the categories of modern, contemporary, classic, casual, romantic etc. The style apart from reflecting your taste should also suit the room.

Depending on the walls that you are going to hang pictures on, choose the size of your images. Placement of these pictures should also be taken into consideration. You could hang one large picture on a bare wall above your couch at eye level. This will become the focus of your room. Using an assortment of prints in different sizes is also an option. But this has to be done carefully. An arrangement like this could make the room look cluttered if there is a lot of furniture/ accessories in the room especially close to/ beneath the pictures.

Wall art can also do amazing things to the dimension of a room. When putting pictures up keep this is mind. To create a sense of length in a room, place horizontal art pieces in a straight line. For example, images of the sea or a field can accomplish this. If the room has a low ceiling, put up vertical frames and pictures. Pictures of a single vase or trees can give the room some height.

You can get innovative and use art created by your children or some great photograph you have. Just consider the size, location and how it will harmonize with the rest of the room. As for what you can buy, the kind of prints available in the market gives you a wide range of options. But before you shop, you should try and understand what you would like a picture in a specific place to achieve. Even if on a random day you come across a print you really like, think of where you will place it before buying it. Decorate your walls with your heart and let the pictures set the right ambience.

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