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All that You can Do with a Patio!

By Sadiya Anjum

A patio is an extension of your home that deserves to be utilized and decorated well. Putting two chairs could give you the privilege of enjoying the outdoors easily. But just as you would not put a few chairs in your living room, the same should be applied to your patio. Be creative and put this space to good use.

Every single person has their own way of looking at patios. Traditionally, you consider them as a place to lounge or entertain friends. If you think more carefully, your patio could turn into that room that you have always wanted to pursue some personal interest in. People today have been transforming their patios into personal gyms, spas, space for meditation, game room etc. But just using your patio to lounge, read a book, enjoy the scenery, spend time with your family or entertain friends is just as good.

Depending on what you would like this area to function as, you can start decorating it. Begin by analyzing the space – area wise, weather conditions, the view, privacy etc. The area will determine how plausible your plan is – if too small, then putting a barbecue grill may not make sense. Planning the whole space for various functions will give you an idea of the kind of furniture you would like to use.

The weather conditions is essential as the furniture you plan to put out should withstand the wear and tear. It will also help you decide the function that each section should be put to. For instance putting a grill in a manner where the wind will carry away the smoke or placing your recliner away from the direct sun is ideal.

It is also important to consider what you will be looking at when sitting outside. Placing furniture in a manner that is not facing something undesirable is important. If you cannot do anything about the view itself, consider changing it. This means you place plants or use other accessories to block out the undesirable. Plants can also be used if there is not enough privacy. Using screens or fences can accomplish the same goal. An umbrella or a patio awning could easily protect you from the harsh sun and even give you some privacy.

When picking out furniture for your patio, the choices are innumerable and varied. Be realistic about the amount of effort you are willing to spend on maintaining your patio furniture. You can take you pick from iron, wood, wicker, resin, plastic, etc. For those who are looking to spend as little on maintenance can opt for resin or plastic furniture that now look almost like wood. These types of furniture hardly require any maintenance and can withstand practically any weather.

Furniture will essentially be the focal point of a patio. So take your time to pick out something that is comfortable and looks good. You can stick to two chairs with a coffee table or more elaborately, several seats or a sofa, a recliner and two side tables. If possible, throw some rugs and cushions to make it look livelier.  Organize your furniture in a manner that will allow enough room to walk across without having to cut across people’s vision.

Accessorize your patio carefully. Most people prefer to use plants to complete the outdoor feel. The kind of plants you could use for this is endless. You can also add a small water fountain to enchant the auditory sense. Using lamps, outdoor heaters, fire pits etc. can also enhance the area.

So start thinking of how you can use that patio more creatively; and get adventurous while decorating it. Turn your patio into your personal space for lounging or throw it open to your guests. The options are endless and you can create more space in your home. Spend some time, money and effort to decorate your patio as it can give you endless hours of simple pleasure.

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