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Color and Design Psychology to Sell Your Home Successfully

By Sadiya Anjum

When you are ready to sell your home, an important aspect includes sprucing it up to make the buyer fall in love with your home. Today design and color psychology are employed to groom homes before selling. The advantage lies in the fact that you may find a buyer faster and may also get a higher price than what you expected.

Before you make any redecorating decisions especially that cost money, it is wise to come up with a plan. Knowing exactly what you want your home to look like will save you money for redoing the changes and eliminate the risk of adverse changes. If you can afford it and think your house has the potential to get a better deal than the market value, then consider hiring a professional for the job. But stay involved and have every suggested change pass your approval before implementing it.

When sprucing up the home yourself, start with creating a profile of your potential buyer. Will your buyer be a first time homeowner or person moving up or one who is retired? Think about their lifestyle and what they would like their new home to look like. A simple fact associated with first time homeowners is that they are looking for comfort and security. But those who are moving up will want a home which is more luxurious. The price range of your home, the neighborhood etc. should give you an idea of who your potential buyer will be.

When you have determined who your potential buyer is, make changes in your home that he will like. Start with taking a walk with a friend through your home. Pretend you are buyers and note what you like and what does not go down too well with you. Use a notepad to pen down changes that are required. Go through the entire home from the front to the back.

Changes that require little or no money can be handled easily. But if you are considering a costly change, consult with your agent or get a few extra opinions before doing anything. Such changes should tangibly lend to the home selling process. Usually paint, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances and lighting are well worth the money you may spend.

Painting your home gives a fresh look and tends to bring life to its surroundings. When choosing colors, try a few complex shades if your home is on the higher price range. Affluent people are more likely to take to the home done up in 2 or 3 colors with different shades. First time homebuyers would generally prefer simple neutral colors. Avoid white as it makes the home look bland. To create a spacious feeling use lighter shades of the colors you have chosen.

When painting the exterior make sure that the colors do not clash with the neighboring homes. Use shades of the colors outside for the entryway or first room of the home to create a flow. For the interiors, choose colors that will lend to the function of the room. For instance warm colors may be used for bedrooms. Also consider the season you are selling in. For winter, use shades of warmer colors such as red and for summer, cooler colors such as blue.

Always pick out a lighter shade of what you see in brochures at the store as colors will look darker on large surfaces. When experimenting with color, try not to pick radical colors that only you like as you do want to risk the buyer getting completely put off because of the wall color.

When it comes to design, pretend that you are decorating a hotel. This will help you keep the buyer (customer) in mind when making changes. Create a feeling of comfort and luxury by adding warm touches such as extra cushions on a bed covered with fine linen. Also depersonalize the space by removing most of your photographs. Take out excessive furniture to make the room look spacious as well as allowing the buyer to picture himself with his belongings in the home.

All changes should be done with the prospective buyer in mind. It is understanding his psyche that counts in design and color psychology.

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