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Choosing Appropriate Trees for Your Property

By Sadiya Anjum

A luxurious lawn with a few plants is not all that your yard should comprise of. To make your landscape interesting and add more features, you should plant a tree. Trees promote a healthy environment, increase the resale value of the property, regulate extreme climatic conditions in your home and give you privacy. This is all apart from a tree just looking beautiful on your yard and enhancing the overall look of your home.

When planting trees, essentially there are two main concerns: which kinds of trees to plant and where you are going to place them on your property.

You cannot just think ‘I like this tree’ and run to the nursery to buy it. There is plenty of room for personal choice but you need to consider how practical a particular kind of tree will be. There are several basic parameters you need to consider before choosing a tree.

You have to judge the type of soil on your yard as it will determine the kind of trees you can plant. If the soil is depleted of essential nutrients or there is a discrepancy in pH value, then you will have to remove this soil and put good quality top soil whose depth will be determined by the trees’ root growth requirements. The soil should also have good drainage capacity. Water retention will lead to the rotting of roots, hence make sure that the soil drains well. Climatic conditions should be considered as certain trees may not survive in colder places. The tree you would like should be able to thrive in your climate.

Determine the size of the property and the home to be able to pick the size of your tree. A tall tree next to a small house will not create balance. You need to make sure that your home does not get overwhelmed or looms large when compared to the trees. Some trees require a lot of space to grow width-wise, hence there must be enough space for them without crowding your home or your yard. For a small home, perhaps one beautiful tree may be sufficient allowing room for your lawn and other plants. The best way to match the size of a tree with your property is to imagine the tree in its complete adult-size splendor.

Apart from the trees matching your property, you have to make sure they match each other and create interesting effects. Appearance aside, placing two trees too closely is a bad idea. One may deprive the other of nutrients and water or both may not flourish well.

Consider the cycle of the trees and how each season affects them. Essentially there are two kinds of trees based on seasons– deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous trees will provide shade in the summer, change colors during autumn and allow passage of sunlight during winter. Evergreen trees provide thick foliage which lasts all year round making them ideal when you are looking for some privacy.

Planting these trees in the right direction on your plot will dictate how the climate will affect your home. For instance, deciduous trees in the south will cool the house down in summer while providing warmth during winter.

When planting trees, you need to consider the affect it will have on your landscape. With huge yards, you can design a whole landscape including trees, lawn, shrubs, plants, water fountains, ponds etc. A popular style is to have trees form a backdrop to your home and the overall landscape.

Placement of trees should also take into account other features around it: sidewalk, streets, buildings, utility lines etc. Picture the size of the tree at maturity and see how it will affect the surrounding areas. Also consider how trees will affect the weather conditions inside your home. A very important factor to consider is the growth of roots. It is important that a tree’s roots do not interfere with the foundation of a home, drainage pipes and other utility structures.

A poorly located tree can ruin many things and cause extra expenses. After considering these factors, you may choose from trees that match your plot conditions and home. Think of colors and appearances of trees and how they can enhance the exterior of your home. Trees should add beauty to the landscape and the overall look of your home.

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