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Move Homes Efficiently with the Aid of a Checklist

By Sadiya Anjum

Moving is a huge task and can seem daunting when you think of all that needs to be done. But a little planning and organizing can make your job much easier. Create a checklist for yourself so you do not forget essentials like activating utilities in your new home, checking for changes in your insurance, returning library books/ movies, etc.

The closer you get to moving day the more hassled you are likely to get. So create this checklist one or two months ahead and add items to it as and when you remember. Make sure you attach this checklist on your refrigerator or some place where you are likely to read it every day and will not misplace it. Even though each of us has our own ways and our own individual matters to deal with, this checklist can prove to be a helpful guide:

-   Make sure that a home inspection has been conducted on your new home and the necessary repairs are dealt with effectively.

-   Deal with any changing or closing of accounts, insurance policies, loans and other matters related to finance.

-   Maintain a separate file to keep track of all expenses while moving so you can check for tax deductions later.

-   Collect all your medical and dental records and files; ask your doctor to recommend a health care specialist in your new area.

-   Do not forget about your pet’s health; take your pet for a check up, consult with the vet about any problems, receive your pet’s records and ask for a recommendation for a vet in your new area.

-   Obtain school records and data that may be required for changing schools.

-   Ensure that you submit the change of address forms to the post office.

-   Make sure that you arrange for a moving truck at least a month in advance and make reservations.

-    Make plans for moving day; travel arrangements, hotel reservations etc.

-   Find out what you need to do about your membership in health clubs or other organizations and take care of it.

-   Make sure you return all library books, rented movies etc.

-   Go through all your old items and dispose unnecessary items accordingly (garage sale, charity, junk).

-   Start collecting/ buying storage boxes ahead of time.

-   Packing tips: start as early as possible (4-6 weeks ahead) with items you never use, then move on to the rest depending on your need of the items. Your valuables should be packed separately; mark a separate box as ‘essentials’ or ‘open first’ containing items you will need on the first day itself (bedding, toiletries, cleaning supplies, a few kitchen supplies etc.).

-   Make sure you shut off utilities at your home one day after you leave; and activate the same in your new home one day prior to your arrival.

-   Call and inform family and friends; provide them with your new phone number and address.

-   Clean your old home and on the day you move, make sure all lights are switched off, and walk through every single room carefully to check if all boxes have been loaded.

This brief checklist should give you a better idea of matters that need to be dealt with when relocating. You should improvise and personalize this checklist according to your needs. You can even assign dates to each chore so you can manage your time effectively. Planning ahead and sticking to this plan should help reduce the stress of moving.

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