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Enjoying the Outdoors with a Charming Porch Swing

By Sadiya Anjum

There is nothing like a simple conversation or moments of comfortable silence enjoyed with another on a pleasant fragrant summer evening while you sway gently on a porch swing. Many of us like swings as they evoke memories of innocent days gone by; sitting on a swing is one of the simple pleasures of life. Adding a porch swing to your patio or your garden is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

You can buy a porch swing from the market or even build it yourself with the help of various patterns available on the internet and hardware stores. Before going out to buy one, you need to determine the size of your patio or wherever you intend to put the swing. Also determine how you will suspend the swing. In case you are putting it up in the garden, you may need a swing suspended from a frame. If you are putting it up in a covered patio, then make sure that you can suspend the swing from a roof joist.

Porch swings come in different sizes, styles and materials. The size of a porch swing maybe such that it holds a single person to about three people depending on the length of the seat. There are different styles available for a porch swing. Usually in most swings the seat is composed of horizontal slats, it is the back support where the style factor comes in. The most popular styles include vertical or horizontal slats, or slats placed such that it forms a rounded back. The top end of the seat may curve out a little but and can have designs or carvings on them. Most porch swings are similar in structure but differ in the details.

It is the material of the porch swing that is the primary factor for considering the look of the swing. They come in different materials from wrought iron to rope. But wood is probably the most popular choice for porch swings followed by wicker. Cedar, teak and cypress are good quality woods used for porch swings. Cedar is the most expensive option as it is beautiful to look at as well as is resistant to rot and other damages. Pine, maple, oak and alder are the other choices but they are not as durable as the others. Pine however is a popular choice as they are cost-effective, resistant and attractive.

It will be fair to spend some money to obtain a durable quality material as you have to take into account the weather and other outdoor conditions. Usually porch swings are priced depending on the material, and the design and size to a certain extent. Any decent porch swing will cost you anywhere between $150 and $800.

Buying a porch swing with a canopy is a good option if you are putting your porch swing on an uncovered patio. If you are putting it up in the garden, you may consider a swing suspended from a frame surrounded by trees and vines.

To be more cost-effective, you can buy a simple porch swing and decorate it yourself. Using cushions covered in fabrics which are resistant to outdoor conditions can make your swing very comfortable. Colors and textures of different kinds can be used to match the rest of the décor on your patio or to reflect the colors in your garden.

Adding a porch swing will help you enjoy your outdoor space so much more. You will only be creating more memories and especially if you have children, a porch swing will be priceless.

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