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What Kind of Wallpaper Should You Buy?

By Sadiya Anjum

Many people prefer the use of paint over wallpaper thinking that it is out-of-date but the varieties available today may stun them. If there was no demand for wallpaper, the continuous evolving in design, patterns and textures would not be seen. Wallpapers are fun and can transform a room completely depending on your creative streak.

Wallpapers are available in different designs, colors, textures and materials. Designs and colors are really a matter of personal choice. You may dare to opt for something really bright for one wall but you need to be careful that your wallpaper enhances the décor instead of clashing with it. There are several kinds of designs to choose from to create different patterns and styles.

As far as texture is concerned, the selection is varied. Cork, grass cloth, split bamboo, embossed, granite affect etc. are all options for a textured wall. There are also options which sort of create a three dimensional effect. Unlike paint which can also create a textured effect, textured wallpapers are easier to put up.

As far as materials go, the options are delightful as you can create such beautiful rooms with them. Vinyl wallpaper is a popular choice because of its durability, maintenance and easy installation process. Vinyl-coated wallpapers are similar to vinyl wallpapers but are not as durable. There are also options in fabric and paper wallpapers. Fabric wallpapers are usually made of natural fibers and paper ones include foil, hand-screened etc.

When picking out wallpaper, color, design and texture are all left to your imagination and your décor. But the material needs to be thought along the lines of practicality. Vinyl wallpaper is durable and stains on it are easy to remove, hence this may be a great option for kitchens and bathrooms. Fabric or paper ones may be used in living areas or bedrooms as they are not easy to clean. Even when putting up wallpaper, vinyl is easy to do but fabric and paper ones should be left to the professionals.

Wallpaper can be used in so many different ways. If you get creative enough, you can cut and use them for lampshades and screens. You can use them to practically decorate anything. They can be used along with painted surfaces. It really is up to you to get creative with it. The best part about wallpaper is that it helps you cover up any defects on the wall.

When you go to the store, look at the various options available and pick one that suits your décor as well as is practical. Many people put up their own wallpaper instead of calling in a professional. With a little practice, you can transform your walls and your décor completely.

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