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Coffee Tables are for All Homes

By Sadiya Anjum

Coffee tables are among the must-have furniture pieces in any home. A coffee table can add elegance to your room instead of just sitting there as a table; it all depends on your creativity and tastes. Some people even go to the extent of decorating their living areas depending on the kind of coffee table they have especially if it is a precious piece of detailed furniture.

The options, as so many other decorative items today are many. But picking out the right one for your home is where the trick lies. Obviously depending on the rest of your furniture and your budget, coffee tables can be picked out. But here are some thoughts on the various looks that a coffee table can create.

Coffee tables come in different sizes, shapes, designs, styles and materials. Round coffee tables were the ideal style in days gone by. But even today, round coffee tables may not be ideal but they have not gone out of fashion. Yet many other shapes have sprung into the market today. Typically coffee tables are low-lying (standard height is sixteen inches) but even shorter tables are available. The height of your sofas or chairs should determine the size of your coffee table.

For a classic look, coffee tables should be made of wood stained in hues that match your décor. Elaborate styles are indicated by the kind of detailing used on wood. Cedar wood is a decent choice if you are looking for a maintenance free table. This wood will withstand any weather and hence are often chosen for outdoor spaces.

For a more contemporary look, glass supported with chrome or metal is the way to go. The modern-looking coffee tables are sharply defined and tend to make a space look bigger. Glass with a brass finish will look more traditional. If you can keep your glass tops dust free and sparkling, it can add elegance to the entire space.

Coffee tables are now even finished with leather and fabrics. But these contemporary styles have to match the rest of your upholstery. Coffee tables can even be custom-made and personalized but this will mean spending quite a bit. Coffee tables are made to suit everyone’s budgets; it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend. To avoid flimsy looking pieces, watch out for garage sales or visit second hand stores to pick out a decent coffee table. With a bit of paint, you can make them look brand new.

The pattern of coffee tables is also dependent on function. Coffee tables with storage space are available. Placing books and magazines on a single shelf underneath is another option; a closed storage space can come handy to put things away when unexpected visitors arrive.

Choose a coffee table that will match your furniture and fits the space unless you are looking for a mismatched appearance. Heavy tables in small rooms will look bulky and shrink the size of your room. Your coffee table should be a piece of furniture that you are proud of especially if you choose it as a centerpiece.

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