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Getting Started on Apartment Hunting

By Sadiya Anjum

When you are looking to rent an apartment, you can either just find a vacancy and adjust accordingly, or set your standards and find a suitable apartment. Looking for apartments is not a tough job but if you do it systematically you can save your self lots of time and energy. It is a smart act of having a simple plan that can make your life easier. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Before you step out for apartment hunting, you need to fix a budget. Your budget will almost entirely determine what kind of apartment, size, facilities and location you can expect. Fixing a budget will save you the heartache of finding a great apartment and realizing that you cannot actually afford it.


With the budget in mind, you need to determine where exactly you are looking to live. This is unique to every person; you may be looking for an apartment near a university or close to your workplace, or no preferences with location as long as there is a pool in the complex etc. You need to determine your priority and highlight the areas in the city which fulfill these.

Kind of apartment

You should have an idea of the size of the apartment you are looking at. Consider the number of bedrooms, the size of the kitchen, etc. You may be looking at a studio apartment or a three bedroom apartment with a pool, tennis court etc. Find out what exactly you want and if this will fit your budget. Next start looking for this kind of apartment in the areas you have marked out.


The safety factor should be a priority when looking for an apartment. Apart from this, your neighborhood should satisfy some of the basic facilities you will need. For instance, look for the apartmentís proximity to stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants etc. You need to make sure that the area provides or is at least closely located to these facilities.


If you have your own vehicle then finding an apartment with around the clock parking facility is important. But if this is not the case, then you need to check out the public transport available. This becomes extremely essential if your workplace or school is a little far. An area well connected with public transport will make it easier irrespective of its distance from the heart of the city or your workplace.

Apartment facilities

As you start visiting apartments, you need to also have a list of what facilities in the apartment you require. You may want a furnished home, laundry facilities, internet connection, security etc. If you do require any of these facilities, then make a list of the most important ones and number them according to your priority.

These are the basics that you should consider when looking for an apartment. You should remember that it may not always be possible to find your dream apartment with every single aspect you want. So it is best if you know what your priorities are and exactly which aspects you are willing to compromise on. Without this you may keep looking for an apartment for days on end, let go of decent options and then land up with an unfavorable place.

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