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Tips for Real Estate Agents to Build and Retain their Clientele

By Sadiya Anjum

It is more expensive to gain new clients than to maintain old ones. In Real Estate, word of mouth is perhaps one of the most treasured marketing media. To get more referrals all you have to do is impress your present clients. A happy client will remember you, come back to you with more business later and also pass the word around.

There are a few techniques that most agents are aware of which can help retain clients but the trick lies in implementing them and doing so effectively. Firstly, real estate agents work closely with their clients. It is essential that you build a relationship with your client. Communication and rapport will help the whole process run smoothly and more importantly will take you a long way.

Clients hire you not just for your services but for your support. Some clients are like lost sheep and some are experienced; but no matter who they are remember to treat them with respect and you will get the same in return.

When you are working with a client, remember to bring in the human element. Listening is very important when trying to help someone. In addition, it is not just doing your job well that counts but exceeding your client’s expectations too. Note your client’s interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, job, number of children etc. Pen these down and file them away for future references.

Once the job is done make sure to send a postcard or make a phone call to check on how they are doing in their new home. After that, every few weeks or months send a post card/ letter/ email etc. Add calendars, birthday cards, sports schedules, home improvement tips etc. to your mail. Out of sight – out of mind does not work well in this industry. Continuing to correspond with your clients can prove to be very valuable.

It may not be possible to correspond personally all the time but sticking only to automated correspondence will distance your clients. Use a combination of both and remember to correspond with them on special occasions – Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year etc.

Make sure that you do your best while you are on the job. Do an informal survey to find out what clients expect from you, what services of yours they particularly like etc. Answers to these questions can help you perform better.

Being friendly and delivering results will help your clients remember you for a long time. Follow these simple guidelines and make small gestures that will help you retain your clients and get more referrals.

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