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How do you qualify for a Mortgage?

By Millie Panjwani


A Mortgage acts as a tool that pledges a real estate property as repayment in order to get a loan. If you cannot procure sufficient funds to buy a home, you can do so through a mortgage unless you have an extremely bad credit rating. Mortgage details and quotes can be found online or offline.

Before taking any final decisions regarding your mortgage proper research and investigation must be carried out.

You must be financially stable in order to get a good mortgage rate. Various factors would be looked into, such as past financial statements, income, expenses, and long and short term debt. All these aspects will determine the type of mortgage you can acquire.

In order to qualify as a mortgage candidate you must ensure that you do not have any dues, bankruptcies or foreclosures on your account. These are not favorable and may put you on a high risk. You must have a credit score above 600.

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If you have a reasonable income that does not fluctuate from time to time you can be considered a good mortgage applicant. Your employment must also be steady. Your income need not be remarkably high in order to qualify as a mortgage applicant.

Expenses should also be considered. It should not exceed your income, as overspending will lead to debt. If your expenses are a little too high, decrease your expenses every month and use the savings to get a better deal on your mortgage. A good mortgage applicant’s income is always in surplus.

Having investments in the stock market or a business may also prove to be advantageous to a mortgage candidate. If this home is your initial investment it does not matter. Assets only strengthen your financial position. You can seek advice from a financial consultant who will guide you in the right direction while undertaking investments in the market. This is not only useful in real estate but otherwise as well.

If your financial dealings do not look so great after taking all these aspects into consideration, several measures should be taken to fix this. You need not have an exorbitant income; it just has to be steady. You can have debt, but must ensure that it is paid back on time. Thus, careful planning should be done.


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