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Several Money Saving Tips For Selling Your Home.

By Millie Panjwani

Mentioned below are a few tips and hints which may help in reducing the cost of moving your home.

Fees differ with various estate agencies. Therefore, bargaining with them may help. A 1% commission is ideal. Try to limit the time to no more than 6 weeks. This way sufficient time is available to sell the house. If that is not enough you can shift to another agent. Going “multi-agent” is not advisable as the fees will increase to about 3%+. You should never tell an estate agent what other agencies have valued your home to be. They may try to manipulate the offers. Make proper enquiries from various estate agencies; speak to the right people in charge. Enquire about their charges. Bargaining always helps as the fees are negotiable.

Selling your home privately can save you a lot of money. However this requires a lot of time and effort but is a huge money saving tip.

Advertising could be done through newspapers, flyers and pamphlets. In newspapers, it is best to keep the ad brief as charges are per line or the number of words. You must also ensure that the ad must not be uninteresting so as to just glance through. It should capture the readers attention.

The easiest way to sell your home would be by using one of the numerous online house selling services. It saves a lot of time. For example,, lists details of properties for sale on its website.

It is best to sell your home when the market is booming and when the demand is high. You can make huge profits. You should always be aware of the real estate market. Usually the market is stronger in early and late summer than the rest of the year. It is advisable to sell your house then.

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