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Advertising Tips for Selling a Home on Your Own

By Sadiya Anjum

Advertising is a key step in the process of the sale of your home. When selling on your own you need to develop a marketing strategy which is as effective as one developed by an agent. Passive and uninteresting ads are not going to attract buyers. You need a marketing plan which will rouse curiosity and interest in potential buyers, and actually beckon them to take action.

Your first step includes two parts: identifying the strong points of your home; the benefits you have enjoyed which will attract others to it. Make a list of this so you can incorporate it in your ads and even when you are verbally advertising your home. The next move is to create a target audience profile. This basically includes people who may be potentially interested in purchasing your home. Think of their demographic (age, gender, location etc.) and their psychological (their possible interests, hobbies, lifestyle etc.) details. Establishing a profile will give you a better understanding of your buyer and help you create ads catering to them.

There are many channels that you can use and none of them are unheard of. It is how effectively you utilize them to attract potential buyers that counts. An attractive yard sign should be bold; writing should be minimal and easy to read if someone is driving past. Creating a buzz about your home in your area can prove to be extremely useful. So compose flyers which are colorful, unique and provide essential details. The ad copy should highlight the benefits of your home and encourage a person to pick up a phone and call you immediately. Put these flyers up in your local stores, community centre, health club, library and just about any other place you can. You can also pass flyers at mass or some other gathering and also distribute them to your neighbors (over 40 of them at least).

When placing ads in the newspaper make sure you run the ad for a few days. Again your ad copy should be crisp highlighting the best about your home. One of the most effective channels includes the internet. Traffic of home shoppers online increases every single day. Register with a good site and avail all their features such as placing colorful photographs, good descriptions of your home etc. Compared to other forms of advertising, the internet provides you with the maximum space to give details of your home, the neighborhood and area. You can include the web page id in your flyers, yard sign and newspaper ads. Interested buyers will be directed to your web page and find the necessary details.

Word of mouth is a very powerful medium. People who see your flyer or yard sign may inform others who may be interested. But you should make sure that you inform as many people as possible and ask them to pass the word around to anyone who maybe interested. You may consider holding an open house at least a few times. Make sure that you are polite to all, answer all questions, highlight the benefits and leave your card and flyers on a table.

Usually holding an open house for agents tends to be more effective. So you can consider hiring an agent to help you with this particular job. You can also use an agent to help you list on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which can prove to be of great help.

Your marketing plan should prepare you for all situations where you may come in contact with a potential buyer. When interested parties call or visit, be prepared to answer all questions, play up the benefits of living in your home and stay calm when anyone is critical of certain aspects. Put in effort and energy into your advertising and you will have buyers knocking on your door.

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